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This is the part of Poppyfield where I wish to record my health for not only myself but also for my readers, healthy or not.
I think it has the potential to raise awareness of my conditions and it's symptoms, as well as maybe helping others.
To keep up to date with my health diary follow @poppyshealth on twitter for updates. I will definitely follow so I can keep up to date with you!
If this diary helps at least someone in any way by spreading advice, tips etc then it is worth writing!
(there will be spelling mishaps and typos as I barely re-read - beware)
Enjoy the nattering of a chronically ill diva;

So I haven't uploaded in over a month and I think we can all agree, I am hopeless at keeping a diary. I think it's because I don't want to constantly dwell on my health but I've had huge ups and downs recently. So i think it's time to share.
I am good.
Ok well, honestly physically I'm not at all, at least not today but mentally - I am good.
I have had 2/3 infections in my molar teeth this past month, causing migraines, unbearable eating pain and thank the lord I am getting them removed in a few months.
I had normal, pain in the molars for a few odd weeks HOWEVER something odd happened on the 26th March. My whole entire left face became overwhelmed by pain.
Overnight it had somehow swollen my lymph nodes up, my whole entire throat, my left ear and was causing me horrific nausea and migraines.
I was given anti-biotics the day after and finally on the 30th it is clearing up!
It's just so typical that as soon as I get my appetite back - the contraceptive pill I'm on has played around with that! - I can't eat!
However despite all that, I managed to still attend Blogger's Fashion Week, in London with the pain and normal pain on the 26th so come do a lil dance of joy and HELL YEAH-NESS WITH ME. Super spoonie?
My contraceptive pill is doing well! Really has stopped my horrific abdominal pain/IBS flares the week before and during my period. One less pain to worry about.
However as I take so many tablets, I did forget to take it for a couple of days and that was a BIG mistake whoops!
My skin has cleared up completely, with a good skin care routine (WHICH IS WORKING MIRACLES - if you'd like to know what it is hit me up in the comments or social media!!!) and the pill; meaning no more horrible swellings on my face.

One thing I have noticed is that I'm able to go to London almost once weekly now. I've had to turn down a few incredible opportunities and events but I'm doing it guys!
Bare in mind it's about 4 hours travelling time in total plus walking/tube antics - that's hell for a spoonie!
My pain tolerance is improving again also.
As Spring approaches my Seasonal Affective Disorder has started to fade making everything so much easier to deal with. HAPPY POPPY. I'm able to get up now at about 9am/10am most days (only a few, I can't all week) which is a huge improvement from when 11am wake up was a good day - 12/12:30pm was average! Which means productivity guys - plus because of this my sleeping is better as my days are longer and I'm actually tired at night!
However, I obviously still have the hell-ish painful exhausting blips 1-4 times a week. But I'm managing it despite the bad days being 50/50 weekly. 
For example today, my bones were so painful it felt like they were grinding together and it made me want to chop up my ligaments! 
The pain was so bad it made me feel sick, that's when you know the pains bad.

Do any of you experience this? When it's so bad you feel physically sick?
How are you doing?
Do we share any of the same symptoms?
Did you find the pill helped?
I'd love to know how you're doing, I find it mad that people can read about my health so of course I want to know how you are!
I will be uploading weekly from now on/when anything happens so stay tuned and pop back my friend. x

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Week (Written Saturday 7/02/15)
I've had to start doing these weekly as I no longer have bad days but bad weeks, uh oh.

After a day in bed and being unable to eat I finally went to the doctors. Turns out I did have a temperature all weekend and week but barely noticed because of my meds! They were unable to give me any antibiotics as my bad molar on my right was apparently the dentists problem not mine. So after an hour at the doctors, we then had to walk over to the dentist to then wait another hour. I was given a course of antibiotics over 5 days and some advice and off I plopped.
Today I woke up at 7am!!!!! CRAZY. I rested until 9am as I wanted to play in the freshly fallen snow with my sisters before it melted. I managed to be stable-ish all day. My cold sores and molar was still horrific but it was a lovely day. Obvs the snow was all gone by 1pm.
Absolute exhaustion all day. Didn't leave ben until 5pm to start getting ready for my weekly drama session. Managed an hour and luckily we just had a cinema type screening of close encounter, a film I like so that was enjoyable. I took my tea of sweet potato and veggies there and noticed I could eat more without too much pain!
Started the pill and noticed a difference in stomach pain over the week.
Stayed round Harry's after drama and rested at his all day, managed a tiny bit of work. Was a bearable day, could eat with less pain.
Sixth Form have decided to remove me from my Psychology retake classes due to low attendance, which I found quite offensive.
My habit of waking up at 10am was going well until I took my antibiotics on an empty stomach an unfortunately spent the day sick to my stomach. Didn't eat all day to avoid actually being sick rather than gagging. Shaking and nauseous all day.
The left molar in my mouth, after being used all week as my right was to sore is now in horrific pain. Can't eat on either side.
Cold sores back and really bad.
Can't eat on either side of my mouth due to intense molar pain. Swelling is not too bad but very painful nevertheless.
Plan on going out later today.
Will keep updated x

Week (Written Sunday 1/02/15)

This is my first log in a while, unfortunately I've simply been too unwell and caught up in life.

I continue to still have ulcer and cold sore pain however it has worsened throughout the week.
I should be able to update you soon on the arthritis front as I had a blood test this Tuesday. It sounds bad, but I kind of wish to be diagnosed with it purely so I can take pain meds to help the pain. If I'm not, that's amazing but I'm scared I'll have to live with the pain with no targeted medication.
I had an X Ray of my molars in my mouth. They're growing at an almost 90 degree angle which is crazy! It also makes them incredibly painful, and after having them feel like razor sharp glass cutting into my gums for 6 months I am having them out in a couple of months! I am so happy. Apparently my mouth uclers etc are linked to IBS?! Does anyone else know this? Isn't that weird?
Went to bed with a neck/shoulder pain in which almost echoed throughout my body. It hurt to laugh or talk and the pain felt as if it was inside the muscles.
Masseuse session - woke up with the tender neck/shoulders which I couldn't move - luckily she fixed that.
After eating some fish, lightly dusted (even my wimpy 12 yr old sister ate it) in chilli it hugely affected me.
My symptoms were worsened, my mouth, gums, lips etc began burning horrifically.
I ended up throwing up my dinner and feeling incredibly faint and collasped.
I had planned on going to a yoga session at my gym but was too poorly.
Has anyone else ever reacted badly to chilli? I'm normally fine, I had no idea what happened.
Attempted to go to school and in fact made it in for the first time that week. However did not make it to any lessons and tried to catch teacher to have a catch up with but failed.
Sinus infection worsened horrifically, cold sores on both side of mouth meant that I couldn't even open my mouth to speak.
Started life at 12pm, which is very early for me. Spent almost 4 hours in the car on a roadtrip to my dad's childhood area near Oxford. Despite my horrid horrid sinus infection and sudden molar pain,I handled it very well.
Didn't take 2nd lot of tablets until 3pm! (I take my medication every 4 hours starting at about 7am/9am) That's considered good in my head.Was able to walk around the town all day despite everything, had a magical day which numbed all pain massively.
Handled the day incredibly well.
Harry and I both have similar infections so had a lazy day. I didn't feel much payback from Saturday, yay! Rested up, however infection not any better. Trouble breathing as I keep choking on my own phloem and cannot talk or eat!
Bought a tube of bonjella for my gum/molar pain which is preventing me from eating much, on Saturday and it's almost all gone ahh! A diet of bonjella.

Apologies for it being a bit rushed, unfortunately I'm unsure of when I can next update so wrote everything I can think of! My macbook has been out of order since Saturday and I'm writing this from my sister's laptop, so bare with me. 
How has your week been health wise? Any symptoms similar? Do tell me I'd love to know!


A week after our production week and I am feeling relatively runned down as heck. My lips did the craziest thing yesterday and completely shrivelled up IT WAS SO PAINFUL. Not even Blisterex, my one true love, couldn't cure it. I think that's my body telling me to calm the hell down.
I've watched a whole season of Pretty Little Liars in like 5 days as a result, I regret nothing.
My sleep has improved a lot, not exactly normal people standard yet but despite night terrors I feel comftier and sleep at 1am instead of 3am! (probably due to new bed sheets).
I'm yet to start birth control, this is due to the fact that the pill I've been given may not help my pain. The muscles within my body are so weak which is why my periods cause me so much agony, so I'm a bit pissed off about that.
My arthritis-y pain has got quite bad but 
They honestly do help slightly, but I will keep you updated!
I also received an offer for a degree in which I already have the grades in which is great! The Internship I've applied for also got in touch about helping me with my condition which is all great news yo.
Slightly hectic yet good week boys and girls!


Today is the start of my drama youth group's production week. There's going to be a production everyday Wed-Sat (2 or Saturday ekk). I have a medium sized part, however have the opportunity to do as little as I want which is fantastic. I have the opportunity to be on stage without talking too which is amazing, thanks to my fabulous understudy. If you ever read this, thank you Suzanne!

I am so lucky to be able to do as little or as much depending on my very unpredictable illness, and still enjoy drama and acting as much I loved it when healthy. Not many get this kind of opportunity with this illness and it gives you so much joy and hope.
This makes it so manageable but I am also very stressed out about my part which is taking it's toil on my body.

I am stressing a lot about keeping up with my ALevels, my English coursework and getting in for lessons. I seem to be less and less able to. I really hope this improves, it's very fustrating.
On a more positive note, I have sent my UCAS off (yesterday) and applied for Uni (a couple of days before the deadline whoops). I am so excited.

Wish me luck!


Today I visited my lovely GP. He is ridiculously understanding of my illness and has been there since I was probably around 7! I am very grateful.
During my appointment, he mentioned that I may have possible arthritis. Which is not fun! I shall start undergoing tests soon and can't wait to find out the result. I 've been having a lot of bone crunching/snapping arthritis-y pain, so fingers-crossed.
I am also going to start birth control to stop my 2/3 week IBS/Fibro flares that revolve around my periods. This I am so excited for. Something that can be done about pain for once!
Have any of you been on the pill to help pain? Or do you suffer with arthritis? I'd love to know about your experiences! 


Back to normality in a bit and I have barely been able to complete any work for both school and blog due to relapsing because of the energetic holiday period. Help! I think we're all struggling.


Even though I was partying until 2am last night, I was somehow able to get up at 11am! Quite the improvement as I don't normally get up til about 12pm on normal days!

My medication reacted with the little alcohol I consumed, I ended up bruising my self very badly (huge bruises) and burning myself when insisting to make a midnight cuppa. How british can you get on NYE?!

Have any of you ever had your medication react badly to alcohol?
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