Disclaimer for Poppyfield:

FROM 17/12/14

Items - Sponsors/Collaboration:

I am very open to collaborations with bloggers and brands.
Generally all of the items I feature are bought by myself/gifted from loved ones, however if I have been (ever so kindly) gifted an item from a brand I will quite clearly state it within the description of it or at the end of a feature; the same goes for any photography or media which is used and not mine. Anything sponsored will be stated. Any Affiliates links will now be stated also.  
Items I show I genuinely like and wish to share them with my readers. I adore and respect my readers, I'd never mislead them. 
I will always give honest thoughts, reviews and comments on all items, gifted or not, assuring that you can take confidence that my words are fair, true and most importantly, my own.


I strive to put as much work as possible into a post, as much as I physically can. The only posts that require any less than an hour of preparation are my 'Pick Me Up' posts. These are purposely made to be manageable for myself and my condition yet still satisfy my lovely readers. Admittedly these are not my best and well written posts, I like to express my personality in these rather than my professionalism.
All other posts have had hours of thought and preparation behind them, please respect this. I will not post a feature until I am 100% happy that it is the best I can achieve at that time.


For those who are interested, photos taken by me will be taken by either my DSLR Nikon D5300 (kit lens), Canon 600D, iPhone 5C,  IPhone 5, IPhone 6, Gopro Hero 3, Samsung Multiview MV800, Nikon S9900 or Sony A5000 (this being my current main camera). Photos not taken by me are likely to be from Google or Stock, I do not own these.


My header and signature are designed and created by the wonderful Willa Gebbie, find her @willagebbie and www.willagebbie.com. She's amazing.

Guest Posts/Blog Buttons:

I am very open to the idea of guest posts, I think this is a great platform to network/meet new and similar bloggers to myself.
If you are interested in creating a guest post, I'd love to hear your ideas. You don't even have to be a blogger.
I'd also like to start including/exchanging fellow blogger's badges in my sidebar, I'd love to collaborate with bloggers as much as possible. From posts to blogger badges.
Do contact me, I can't wait to hear from you. Grab my button!


I suffer from many chronic conditions which do indeed limited when and how often I may post. This does not mean that I treat my blog half-heartedly. Sometimes I simply must take time out to listen to the needs of my body, even if it means sacrificing a post once in a while. 
I love blogging, creating online features and socialising at events; I will never let my disease change this. 
I am not qualified to give treatment, diagnoses or medical advice and everything I write is due to my own personal experience. I am not a GP and probably won't ever be - it's not my forte!
I include many health related posts from coping, mental issues, advice etc. If you have any physical or mental health concerns, although I will happily be there personally for you, but please seek a trained professional for help. If you are having any issues at all, please do get in touch. I'm hoping that my health diary may reach out and be relatable for some.

For privacy reasons I do not use my real name. Although the name used is incredibly similar to my actual name, I urge you to respect this decision. This is to protect myself and my family. I feel that I share an awful lot of my life on the internet and I wish to create at least a bit of privacy within my little internet world. The only part of my name I have changed is my surname. If you wish to know my real name and have a valid reason to, please do get in touch as I'd be happy to share it. I share my real name with PRs always.
If you happen to know my real surname, please do not share it publicly on my blog or social media, thank you.

Everything on eleanorpoppyfield.blogspot.co.uk (Poppyfield) is written by the owner and writer, Eleanor-Poppy Field, unless stated otherwise. 
No content from Poppyfield may be used without stated (images and words). If any images of myself, especially are found, I shall be taking appropriate action to make sure these are removed.
Plagiarism, copyright infringement, content scraping will be dealt with. If you are the owner of any Google or Stock images, these I use on occasion, and wish to reduct them please do contact me.

If you have any queries on any of the above then please do feel free to get in touch.

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