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Hello you gorgeous human,

Thank you for popp(y)ing (You'll get use to my puns) by my blog, every second is appreciated and the thought of other people reading my words, thoughts, photography -  still blows my mind!

Started in June 2014, Poppyfields is a blog/online diary about my thoughts, desires, dreams and wishes, it is an honour to share these things with you. I talk a lot about my fashion sense, my experiences whether it be travel or events, any aspect of healthy living, living with an illness/chronic conditionbeautycharities, as much positivity and advice as possible. 

A bit about the writer,

My name is Eleanor-Poppy Field. Please call me Poppy, as everyone does.
I am 21, half Scottish, live in the South of England (Southampton area) although born in the north.

I am studying Fashion Buisness at Uni. I hope to go into marketing in the future.

I stayed behind a year after my last year at sixth form, due to my illness becoming so debilitating, which is how I managed to finish school.
This is also a reason why I started Poppyfields, the thought of being left behind whilst my friends left school made me want to keep productive in someway. 
Starting a blog helped massively and created a routine that I enjoyed. This blog has given me experiences that I still feel are too good to be true.

I also started this blog as a distraction from some personal problems and to also support and communicate/meet others and even some of similar illnesses to mine.
 I love educating and writing, they're my two favourite things.

I genuinely adore my blog, but sometimes I am overpowered by my body's needs, so bear with me occasionally.

I have a passion for travelling and adventuring anywhere and everywhere.
I sometimes like to blog about those adventures and also tips I pick up on the way.

I have a love for fashion, and spend a lot of my life internet shopping. I'm one of those people who forgets that they've ordered 20 parcels, yes I know it's bad. 

My illnesses,

A huge part of my identity.
I have Fibromyalgia, Irritable Bowl Syndrome, M.E and slowly overcoming my Anxiety Disorder. 
I have been poorly with ME since the age of 10, however from the age of 12-early 14, I was relatively able with only the occasional slight hiccup. 
I relapsed very badly at the beginning of 2011 and it's been downhill from there! In 2013 I was diagnosed with Fibro, and in 2014 I was found to have Irritable Bowl. In 2016, I was officially diagnosed with Anxiety Disorder, despite having it since 2011.

Do ask either below or social media/email, if you wish to know what medication I am on! (too many) I am undergoing many tests for many other illnesses currently, we'll never be sure what exactly I have, and I've accepted that. Kind of. I still don't actually understand any of my illnesses that well myself but I will try to explain them as well as possible! 
Follow my health diary from 2015 linked here and my new 2016 HD linked here (and above) for a more in-depth look into my conditions!
I want to help as many people as possible and with my health I'm an open book.

To contact me, on anything at all, from business, brands, PR to needing a friend/good listener or even being curious about my conditions or medication, you're welcome to email contact@poppyfields.me. I will reply as soon as possible!
Tweet or Instagram @p0ppyfield (that's a zero 0!) and I'm likely to answer pretty much straight away! 

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