My Most Worn Outfit Of SS17 - Floral Maxi Two Piece

Well, this is long overdue isn't it?!
I've had this post hidden away for almost two months, embarrassing I know.
However as it's my 21st birthday outfit, this means too much to me to simply be forgotten.

I have worn this a lot over the past summer. It has become my go to outfit, making me feel fricking good about myself whenever I wear it. Plus, the skirt and top can be worn separately to create a whole new look with different separates paired with each piece. I never really buy two pieces, like the cheap skate I am, so this was its selling point for sure.

Can you believe that this skirt only cost me £8.99 and the crop top £12.99 from H&M?! This is even before it went on sale. (Of course it went on sale the week after! Always seems to be my luck with H&M, anyone else find that too?!) 
You can get the skirt here for less than £5! If you're a size 6 or 8, snap it up.
The skirt can now be bought for £8.99 here in a size 18 or 20. Or you can get the red version in a 16 or 18. If you're a size 14 or even 12, you will definitely fit into the 16. They run TINY.

As someone who never wears crop tops, this is a huuuge deal. The skirt and top show just the perfect amount of skin that makes me feel confident, rather than wanting to curl up in a ball like normal.
The only downside to this outfit is that I had to size up more than I ever had to before due to H&M's awful sizing. It left a bitter taste, so if you ever purchase something similar be aware! I also find the petticoat, surprisingly, far too short and I'm 5ft3!
Yes, it's going into winter. But, my plan is to style the skirt with black tights and boots. The crop top I'm going to keep simple paired with some faux leather jeans for an easy night out look. The predominately black and light floral can work well all year round, I really feel like you can get good value for your money with 'Summer' pieces like this.
If you want to see me style this let me know! I'd love to show ways in which 'Summer' clothing can be worn in Winter.
A barmy concept.

I paired these wonderful lilac-grey heeled sandals, which very much became my go-to 'nice' shoes this summer. For a grand total of £14 from Matalan, I can say they were worth it. My love for Matalan is growing more and more everyday, it is a wonderful store. I want to live in it.
 Although size up as my poor pinky toe gets a lil stuck sometimes. *cough*

I accessorised with this fabulous harness bra from Primark (£6), which I have worn so much over Summer that it is slowly falling apart, I can't bare to throw it out yet. Don't make me.
Along with a small diamond necklace from Accessorize (£12) and a pearl necklace from Next given to me from my Mother on my 21st birthday (Similar & cheaper here). It means a lot to me and I have not taken it off since. I wear these two dainty necklaces together everyday, they compliment each other so well. I can report that they are somehow yet to tangle?!

These photos were taken by my wonderful blog/uni partner in crime Milly at The Curly Haired Girl on a fabulous day out to the theatre. I had such a fun day and these photos reflect that so much! I love Milly's company.
Anyway it was such a bargain and this look has so much style inspo, how can I not share it with you?!
Let me know if you have any thoughts or even advice, as I would love to hear them!

See you later alligator.


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