Spotify Playlist: Summer Starter Mix

As I write this I am sitting on my patio with the most loveliest of sun rays blinding me bouncing off my skin.
It's almost 7pm, blue sky and around 19c, you could say that it's almost perfect. Almost being because of the strawberries I planned to eat out here have gone mouldy (I totally just ate a mouldy one).
But on a happier note, I have put together some of my favourite new (mostly recently released) summer-y songs into a neat little playlist, just for you pals.

I tend to listen to a lot more music in the summer, which may correlate with Seasonal Affective Disorder, odd huh?
I shall be adding to this throughout summer of course, especially when the new Oh Wonder & Haim album is out, but for now here are some gems.

I hope at least one of them becomes one of your summer jams.

Feel free to tweet or message me so we can discuss all things summery music, definitely if you have any suggestions of songs I should add!

It's nice to check in again pals, I hope you're well. 
All my love,

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  1. YAAAAS GIRL!! loving all of these tunes I think i even like Harry now ( it's music style is right up my street!!!

    My play list would be
    Fatima Yamaha - what's a girl to do
    blossoms - honey sweet
    trophy eyes - heaven sent
    trophy eyes - chlorine
    heartless bastards - only for you
    moose blood - honey
    trophy eyes - counting sheep
    girl pool - before the world was big
    bikini kill - rebel girl
    M83 - wait
    A giant dog - i'll come crashing
    Like Pacific - 22a
    Enter Shikari - Anything can happen in the next half hour

    can you tell i like trophy eyes? Some of these bands i saw live and can't get over it

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