Autumn to Winter Outfit - Embroidered Skirt & Turtlenecks ootd

Hello my loves,

It saddens me that I haven't put together an outfit post in a hideously long time, so decided to utilise my wonderful course & blogger pal, Milly.
Honestly, she's one of the main people who sparked my love for blogging again & for that I thank her.
Believe it or not, I consider this outfit to be very simple but it's also why my love grows for it whenever I slap it on.

I have well & truly fallen for the 70's trend, like the sucker that I am, so of course had to invest in an embroidered skirt.
However, I wanted a wearable one which could be chucked on with no thought to it.
A lot of skirts within this trend are incredibly colourful, & whilst I ADORE this, I'm lazy & don't want to have to think about colour clashes in the quick 10 minutes I have to get ready for the day.
This is why this skirt from Boohoo (on sale!) is so perfect. It is much more practical for a busy lifestyle whilst still being current. I'm wearing a plain white t-shirt underneath, nothing fancy yet the skirt makes it! I'm down for that.
To anyone with a similar lifestyle and fashion sense, I recommend it.

The other statement piece in this outfit is this marvellous TWENTY POUND faux fur collar (which is detachable) from Primark.
A forewarning, there's going to be a reoccurring theme of Primark in this post. 
Reason being, is that I now live pretty much opposite one, & before you ask, yes my bank account is suffering greatly.
This coat was wonderful to use in Autumn as I detached the collar to make it cooler to fit with the weather more. Now winters come along, I've added the collar & feel like I have a brand new coat! It also zips up rather than buttons, which if you ask me, is much more convenient. It makes up for the lack of buttons however by using them as a cute detail on the sleeve. A cool take on a trench coat.
Also available in black, I almost always get compliments on this beauty.

Surprise, another Primark piece. This wonderfully warm turtle neck is a bargain at £6 & in a range of colours (yes I will be collecting them ALL - the blush pink is adorable). Out of all these pieces, if you had to buy one, this would be my pick. This is my first turtleneck since I was a child and wow I GET THE HYPE. So. Warm.

Another warm thing from Primark are these tights with velvet inside for £3.
Granted, they don't exactly do your legs justice (in fact I feel like a snowman), but think of the non-stiff pain-free legs (similar). Think of it. Dress for yourself not anyone else my lil babies.

Oh look, Primark, again
My last Primark item are the patent boots with a red tortoise shell heel, they are to die for & I have not stopped wearing them.
A lot of people mistake these for a Topshop piece, but believe it or not they were £15.
Aren't they oh so Dior?
They wear a lot better with tights than jeans (ugh the ankle boot problem WHY).
I choose my outfits shoes first so I wanted to make this outfit as warm as possible without losing cuteness, hence adding the turtleneck, coat & tights.

I accessorised this outfit with my little sterling silver (aka I will never take it off) diamond necklace from Accessorize. A lil £10 bargain which is incredibly easy yet classy to wear, so much so I am yet to take it off in over two months. The choker length wears like a dream with a good turtleneck.

On my lips I am wearing the ever so predictable blogger's fave, Velvet Teddy, something else that is easy to slap on. Don't judge me ok. 

If you have anymore questions please do let me know. Fashion dilemmas are my thang.
This is my way around still wearing cute skirts in freezing temperatures, but I'd love to know if you have any suggestions to make it warmer.
Do you refuse to give into the cold & wear a not-so-clever outfit like myself anyway?
Do it for the fashun.

All my love,

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