A Veggie at Taco Bell - Southampton's Opening Day

My burrito and side.


I find it quite fitting that my first blog post in what feels like decades should be about my favourite food humanity has EVER created, burritos.

I thought I would spend some time telling you about how Taco Bell's new Southampton chain got on today, its grand opening.
Yes, I'm so addicted to Mexican food that I will brave an opening day, madness I know.

At 11am today, the chain officially opened to the public. Southampton is now home to the 13th restaurant in the UK. PRAISE THE LORD.
Pretty sweet stuff, considering it's an incredibly short walk from my flat.
My stomach will be happy, my bank account not so much.

Tonight. Photo taken from Google.

But did Taco Bell live up to my expectations?

After pottering around town at 2pm today, I decided it was too busy to brave on my own, so later recruited a very patient flat mate to come with me at 5:30pm.
It was expected that we'd of course have to wait which we were happy with, we both love food more than life its self.
The staff were so sweet and pleasant however after an hour we began to reconsider our choices - there's only so long you can sit looking at dog photos on Instagram.
The music was too loud to hear our number being called, so it became quite a confusing affair.
After an hour my flat mate received his, a fajita burrito (with a side of Mexican fries), it went down very well, apparently almost better than Nandos. Pfft.
Yet there was no word on mine - a simple vegetarian burrito (7-layer burrito) and nachos. 
A half hour later, after staff accidentally gave my order to someone else, then losing it, I received it. Cold.
I'm a patient being, but when it comes to receiving cold food? Not so much.

I decided to ask the staff to reheat it if possible, and oh my word they handled it well. Offering me a completely fresh burrito which I received less than 10 minutes later. (7.30pm)
How I wish I could say that this was the best burrito I've ever tasted, but that would be lying.
It was average, but I'd probably have it again.
The nachos were also a massive anticlimax, very dry and the dip not enjoyable.
I REALLY loved the Mexican fries, (Which I stole from the flat mate) I will be eating my weight in those soon. SO GOOD.
However I was very happy to eat the entire thing very quickly and I don't eat food fast AT ALL.

7-layer burrito contains beans, rice, sour cream, guacamole, lettuce, tomato, 3 cheeses wrapped in tortilla. A meal (burrito, side & drink) came to £4.39.

Overall, I enjoyed my first ever Taco Bell experience in the UK. I think that they handled the masses of people incredibly well and the staff are so accommodating.
You have to allow a few screw ups on an opening day, I admire the staff's hard work.
I just hope my next outing doesn't take almost 2 hours+ of my time! Fast food? Not so much.
I'm a student, I have work sleep to do.

There are 3 vegetarian options available; the 7-layer burrito, fajita quesadilla and a bean burrito.
I briefly spoke to staff about simply making the other options without meat, and although I'm unclear on their answer, I do think it's possible - just maybe when it's not so manic! (view the menu here)

I will definitely be back to stuff my face with churros and a chocodilla tomorrow, you have my word. 

Will you be making a trip here anytime soon or have I now made you want a burrito? ha.

All my love,

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