Quick Easy Salad - 4 Ingredients

Hey Cutie!

I thought it'd be really cool to share with you this salad I make for my lunch at the moment.
It's honestly so simple and takes less than a minute, I thought that it'd be so helpful, especially for some salad-spiration! Ok, I admit that was a bad pun, but I'm guna keep it in there.

This is completely vegan, although you're more than welcome to add anything you desire. I also wanted to perhaps give you some ideas on using ingredients in a way you never thought of doing so. It took me a few years to think of using pomegranate in salads and I'm so glad that I had that epiphany. Enjoy, my sweet cherub.

Below is my hand written recipe and the simple ingredients you need!
In short, you will need;

2 Handfuls of Spinach.
Half a Cucumber,
Tomatoes (as many as you so desire!),
Pomegranate Seeds,
Fig Glaze (which is available from Tescos here).
A spiralizer would also make this really pretty but it's totally ok if you haven't got one!
I got mine for Christmas and basically any veg I come across now is spiralized, even the tomato skin in this salad! Go hard or go home.
Here's a spiralizer like my handheld one, here.
Cut/spiralize everything like so and get ready to toss it all together!
 If you have time, remember to make it look pretty!
 Now it's time to cover it in glaze or your preferred dressing! This is my favourite at the moment because it taste like a fruity balsamic vinegar!
Isn't salad just super photogenic, I apologise for the photo spam but I mean LOOK AT IT. Beautiful.
 As I said, feel free to add anything you wish! Salads are little pieces of art waiting to happen.
Always be adventurous with salad (unless it's spicy because I'm a wimp).
I'd love to know if you end up making or giving this a test run, please share pictures with me if you do!!! (@p0ppyfield on Twitter/IG) I'm so excited to see them already.
Let's share the salad love together, my friend.

Stay beautiful and stay safe.
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*ps these are non-edited pictures*

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