Autumn to Winter Outfit - Embroidered Skirt & Turtlenecks ootd

Hello my loves,

It saddens me that I haven't put together an outfit post in a hideously long time, so decided to utilise my wonderful course & blogger pal, Milly.
Honestly, she's one of the main people who sparked my love for blogging again & for that I thank her.
Believe it or not, I consider this outfit to be very simple but it's also why my love grows for it whenever I slap it on.

A Veggie at Taco Bell - Southampton's Opening Day

My burrito and side.


I find it quite fitting that my first blog post in what feels like decades should be about my favourite food humanity has EVER created, burritos.

I thought I would spend some time telling you about how Taco Bell's new Southampton chain got on today, its grand opening.
Yes, I'm so addicted to Mexican food that I will brave an opening day, madness I know.

I'm Back & Why.

Hi there, you gorgeous being.
Hi hi hi. A million hi's to you, because I did truly miss you.

I'm unsure how many people were patient and stuck around with me within my blog hiatus, but it was many more than I could ever imagine and I am forever utterly in love with your shining soul's.

Exciting News - Youtube

Hello cutie!
Ok, so I have some really cool news to tell you.
Like. Really cool.

Blog .vs. Life - Part 2

Hey cutie!

It's 11pm, and if you too are a blogger, you will also know that starting a post this late (especially a heart felt one) at night is risky business.

Quick Easy Salad - 4 Ingredients

Hey Cutie!

I thought it'd be really cool to share with you this salad I make for my lunch at the moment.
It's honestly so simple and takes less than a minute, I thought that it'd be so helpful, especially for some salad-spiration! Ok, I admit that was a bad pun, but I'm guna keep it in there.