My Christmas List 2015

Hey cutie!
I hope you're well, I miss my chats with you.
I recently had my wisdom teeth under aesthetics out which has really affected my chronic conditions which SUCKS.

Have you had your wisdom teeth out?! Isn't the soup diet fun ha!
Today my pain levels were so bad my body completely passed out on me, like?? Body?? Get your crap together!!
I've been a bit slow but I'm keeping myself productive as much as possible, my lovely social media community really keep me motivated. Thank you.

One of the easiest things I've done recently is create my Christmas list, because come on, it's SUPER DUPER important. Can I get an Amen? *cough* I'm basically 19 going on 9.
So I thought I'd share with you what I've put on mine this year (obviously I don't expect every item, it's more just ideas for my loved ones ha!)
There's nothing big that I've asked for this year, simply because what more could I need? I am very fortunate indeedy.
The plan is that it will, perhaps, give you ideas for not only yourself (sorry bank account!) or gift ideas for your loved ones this Christmas.

vice 4 palette becausec urban decay, quay australia sunglasses - for my Cali trip, pinafore, calvin klein bra 1, knickers 2 comfort comes first, too faced chateau my dream house, mac lipstick, L-R OPI varnish; 1, 2, dkny perfume my first perfume ever, white dress, burts bees I want to join the hype, jimmy choo perfume my mum's perfume as well as the perfume I wore when I first met Harry, why not me?, yes please, blink; megsays made me do it, all time low tour FAVES, acrylic paints arty fartsy, sally hansen salon effects better than shellac, too faced blogger favourites, kinder cereal chocolate the yummiest choccy in the land, mug knope for president, pai oil combating dry skin, bomb cosmetics set, gta v ps4 I haven't played it since I got my ps4 sad, the walking dead ps4 AH, root beer yummiest drink in the land, cards against humanity, morphe brush holy grail.

I wish I could explain to you why I love each item, but that really would take all day, I don't want to bore you!
What have you got on your list this year?
Have anything you think that I should add to mine?!
I'd love to know! I love reading other's lists, it makes me SO excited for christmas!!
Ekkk, that's reminded me, MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Stay safe and stay beautiful.

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