It's Christmas! Ice Skating & Grottos

Hello cutie,
I feel like I haven't really been keeping you updated with my Christmas shenanigans.
Which sucks, a lot.
I've been mighty quiet on Instagram, which is very unlike me (my phones being annoying sad face), so I thought I'd whip up a post to show you the Christmas-y things I've been up to these last few days!

On the 21st, I popped by Bournemouth BIC's ice skating rink with a few friends.
A week or so before that I had been to the garden's rink but as the BIC's is indoors and there was a forecast of rain, that meant a lack of cold tootsies.
I'm no expert, but this ice is the plastic-y kind, so it felt a little harder to skate on and became slippery very quickly.
However I LOVED it and 100% recommend popping down for an hour of fun because whatever the weather, this baby will still be up and running.
 The rink is open until the end of February! (21st), which is a lot longer than most rinks in our area. So I might see ya there!
Plus tickets are only £8, which is much cheaper than the garden's rink.
Looking cheesy as heck! I have zero make up on apart from dat red lip so I look like the classy version of the grim reaper. Check out Natalie's Instagram at @natalietaylor16, she's a fab photographer.
It even had a kiddie/starters mini rink! Does anyone else use the penguins or bananas? 
My desperate attempt to take a cute picture with the rink quickly failed.
We called this, the snow lawn mower.
After a wee hour and a bit skate (I did a twirl on the ice and felt like Beyonce for the next 24 hours) we had a lovely walk through the gardens before popping off to Days, an all you can eat buffet in Bournemouth.
A must for anyone visiting Bournemouth (Psst there's also one in Brighton!).

The gardens are so pretty at Christmas as it's covered in lots of colourful interactive exhibits.
I only managed to capture a few pictures as I frankly, was too busy eating, can you blame me? Look at that waffle! Mhm!
Day's is amazing, it literally has every food you can imagine; Chinese, Indian, Stir Fry, American, Sushi and SO much more - plus there's massive 2 chocolate fountains. For £13.
Is your belly rumbling yet?

The day after these shenanigans (22nd), we went to pick my grandma up from a gorgeous little garden centre near Reading, this year she's staying for Christmas ekkk!
We met my grandma and auntie for a light lunch (hello auntie/grandma if you're reading this!) and I happily scoffed down some warm cauliflower and chestnut soup with a pot of tea.
Although this cake is definitely on my to eat list. (Is it bad I have a to eat list?)
That rhubarb and rose hip cake though!
My little sister had the cutest lil bottle of Shloer, it was almost as cute and little as her!
Aren't brie and cranberry toasties the best at Christmas?!
We then had a short stroll around the shop area to admire the Christmas-ness ahhh Christmas decorations make me so happy!
Oh hey Bonny!
I fell in l o v e with that dainty lil robin.

I have an endless love for garden centres at Christmas, I adore how festive they are! It's like walking around a grotto.
Does anyone else visit garden centres at Christmas simply to admire the decor?!
I can imagine this garden centre is lovely to stroll around all year around, I mean look at non-Christmassy stuff and that PamPurred Pets!
I'd explore it any day of the year.

I didn't edit any of these pictures as I wanted this post up as quickly as possible as it's CHRISTMAS EVE AH!! I've just come back from a spot of Christmas Eve bowling, I'll update you on that soon.
I hope you have a fantastic holiday period and enjoy the last few days of 2015!
I'm sending you SO much love, to you and your loved ones.

Stay merry, stay beautiful and stay safe!

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