Christmas Day Morning 2015

Hey cutie!

We did it! We survived Christmas, now we just gotta get through New Years; we can do this!
I hope you had a fabulous one, I sure did.
I wanted to share with you some pictures from my Christmas Day morning, it was pretty amazing and full to the brim with love and happiness.
I am so appreciative of my family, they really are incredible, it was such a treat to have my grandma down too! What would I do without them?!

Here's what my siblings and I go up to; oh and the mess, our ever so kind, santa left!

My presents from Santa are the Jack Daniels-esque wrapping paper!
Christmas onesie and hat? Check.
We gave our two lovely pups their stockings and this little cheeky monkey took more than her fair share. As you can see, she was rather chuffed with booty.
Whilst waiting for our brekkiewrekkie, my sisters and I watched a bit of Joe & Caspar's movie as my littlest got given it by Santa! (Ignore the messy walls in the snug, we're in the middle of redecorating!)
We managed to watch up until their adventure's in Verona, it's rather amusing.
(YES I got cards against humanity AH)
Finally, Christmas Day breakfast was served and boy was it a good one!
Simple, and amazing; plus Snowballs filled to the brim with advocaat. (Americans, I think that's what you call eggnog??)
YUM. Those chipolatas, aren't they the best sausages?!

So what did you get up to on Christmas Day?! Did you do anything similar to my family or something COMPLETELY different?! I love knowing the different ways people share their love over the holidays. 
However, If you play a loud competitive game of Monopoly with the family, I feel your pain! 
Also, would you be interested in myself explaining what I was gifted this Christmas and why? I love it when people explain their gifts not just show them.
See you later alligator.

Stay merry, stay beautiful and stay safe!

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*ps these are non-edited pictures*

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