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Hey Cutie!

I've had a bit of an uneventful duvet day as I'm still recovering from my operation last Tuesday.
How have you spent your week?
Due to my free time, I've made an incredibly chill playlist today that I REALLY want to share with you, can I get a hell yeah?
I find a lot of chill playlists bring me down, so I've still left it up beat.
Have a listen and tell me what your favourite twwuunneezz are!
I recommend listening to all of Oh Wonder first (LOVE their debut album), especially Technicolor Beat and Drive.
I am loving their sound today.
This is a great playlist to pop in the background of life-ing (great description there Poppy), do you think that I should add anything to it?
What are your chill twwunneess right now?

(I'm eleanorpoppy on Spotify!)

Thank you so much for popping by, I really hope you can zone out to this masterpiece of mine!
Stay safe and stay beautiful.

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