Reading & Leeds Festival Style 2015

Hello cutie!

I hope you're peachy.
I had the pleasure of being at my favourite festival (Of the whole entire year!) the other day (ok, so don't shoot me, I've had this in my drafts for too long - too poorly) and I was in my god diddly darn element.
Reading Festival 2015.
Music, my love in hand, bands, food, AND FASHION.

I have a thing with festival fashion.
I admire those who stick to their personal style despite challenging weather and all those negative festival variables working against it (day ticket-ers are cheaters shh).
It's a beautiful thing, my friends, one that needs to be shared with the world when achieved.
So what were people wearing at Reading Fest this year?

I wanted to share with you some outfits that made me stop and go HEY I LOVE WHAT YOU'RE WEARING.
Which is a big deal for me as walking up to people is not my forte, so I'm pretty chuffed with myself for simply achieving that.
To all the lovely girls (and guys) I had the pleasure of snapping, thank you for being so polite and patient. I was just as nervous as you!

In true festival fashion, these are in disposable style.
Because nothing screams festival like a disposable camera (and hot dogs, I like hot dogs).

I had to stop this lovely lady, I mean look at that coat. I am a slave to everything and anything holographic. Just looking at it makes me happy. Rain coats won't ever have to be boring again. This beauty is from Missguided.

I stopped these sweet cuties for a snap as I loved their laid back denim x pattern look, effortlessly festival-y.
I loved the white and black elephant shorts, mainly because they're almost all white - what a brave lady! A round of applause for her.
Here are some shorts similar to them (mainly black unfortunately, for those not as brave) also from Missguided.
  1, 23
How sweet is that denim hoodie above?
I adore how these two are unknowingly colour coordinated, with the beanie hat and the shirt - very pleasing to the eye.
It's brilliant how simple yet fashionable AND practical the long sleeve grey swing dress is, keeping cool but also warm in that notoriously cold festival weather. And that cute lil beanie tops it off, I never thought about wearing a beanie in August until now!
The classic plaid shirts as jackets trend was in full swing at Reading and I love this red plaid one, I tend to only stick to dark plaid shirts, like navy, so I love this pop of colour.
The pattern mixing of the plaid and floral print skirt works so well, adding a gorgeous girly-ness to it.
I am a huge fan of combat boots rather than wellies, yet can never find ones that I like these ones!
I need to hunt those down.
This cutie's outfit is all about her colour coordination. The purple, red and black mix together so beautifully. I don't think that she even realised how gorgeous she looked!
She was so surprised that I wanted to snap her outfit, but how could I not want to?! 
The almost mediterranean inspired pattern on her dress is utterly adorable.
These girls looked like they were having the time of their life and honestly thats what drew me to them, especially that loud tribal print dress!
Isn't it one of a kind?!
Such a great group of stylish fun loving girls.
I'm determined to find that gold coat!

Can we just talk about how cute that tattoo, black bralet and red lips combo is? 
Kinda envious of her laid back effortless style.
I also can't get over how super cute that white jumper with the little aztec patterns around the sleeves is, so simple yet lovely.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

How unique is that patchwork dress? I am so sad that I can't find the exact one but I think I've fallen in love with all of the above substitutes.
This beautiful lady's outfit has inspired me to wear a patchwork dress/piece at my next festival as I feel that this pattern screams festival.  
1, 2, 3, 4
I also admire this brave lady for wearing white, but how gorgeous is that jumpsuit?! It looks crazy comfy!
The UK flag pair of hunters above have made me so desperately want to grab a pair of new boots. Especially that pillar box red pair, I need some for winter asap.


So what do you think of this round up of this year's festival style? How would you wear these pieces personally? I'd love to know your style tips.
 How brave are the girls wearing white though?! 
I'd love to know your thoughts on this piece and if you attended a festival this year - what did you wear?! Send me a pic on twitter or leave a link to an outfit post below!
I'm excited to see.

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Stay safe, stay beautiful and make today count!

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