Popp(y)ing to Paris

Thanks for popping by to read Poppy's post on Poppying to Paris.
Ok, I'll stop that now.

So long time readers (or stalkers - no shame) may know that from my parents for my 18th birthday I was lucky enough to receive a trip to the city of lights aka where my inner Blair Waldorf belongs; PAAARRIIISSS.
My eyes lit up just writing the sentence.

Despite being last weekend a year ago, 26-9th Sept, (like what a WHOLE year?!) it still feels like last month.
This is probably because I check my Paris Instagram feed far too much.

SO I thought that it was time to reminisce with you, this time in form of a blog post, rather than IG.
Plus these pictures will make you swooooon.
I was going to write one big celebratory post, but there's far too many pictures that I want to show you. It would be far too overwhelming for not only your lil eyes, but my lil eyes too.

Original skirt from: Clothesminded

The day started with me rolling out of bed at around 11am and grabbing the outfit I had put out the night before.
Right, I thought to myself, let's go be poorly in a different location.
This wasn't just any old location however, this was Paris, my dream city.
I had to dress accordingly.
Armed with floral sunglasses, parisian style boats, my baby pink duster coat and and the tourist must have; an Eiffel Tower phone case. (no longer on sale - sad face)
I was ready.

1 (SALE),2,3,4

We were lucky enough to fly from our local airport, Southampton, which made everything SO smooth and easy indeedy. 
The icing on the cake being having a row all to myself and a window seat as the plane was empty, happy Poppy.
An hour after those Snapchats, we were in Paris.

We arrived at the hotel very swiftly as we flew to Orly Airport which is incredibly nearby.
We changed our booking from a boutique hotel in the Bastille (my favourite area) to a 4* Holiday Inn in Montparnasse, quite last minute (due to location) without a problem!
We were impressed with this Holiday Inn and may even say it's one of the best ones we've stayed in (so far) as it was so pretty inside, our twin room was very spacious.
The service was good, daily papers and (free) strong wifi, what's not to love?!
I've seen bad service reviews, but we luckily didn't have any mishaps.
Plus, the location is a winner, a 30 min walk to the Eiffel Tower and Louvre (not that we walked, my lil feeties hurt) and opposite a metro that was on all the main lines! 
We could get from A-B in a matter of minutes, it really did make it so easy.
The neighbourhood is in the red light district but during the day is relatively safe. The views in this hotel, despite the rooms looking over the cemetery, (excluding the Tour Montparnasse!) are not that exciting due to being very built up.
But, it was perfect.


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Stay safe, stay beautiful and have a fabulous day!

We dumped our stuff and around 6pm-ish set off for The Louvre, which is amazing as it closed at 10pm which meant we could fit in 3 odd hours of fun by the time we got there.
We were lucky enough to watch the sunset over the Louvre and Eiffel Tower within the courtyard, which is something I'll never forget. The golden sky twinkled around us and stained the Louvre with radiant orange rays of the last of Parisian sun.
Once inside I was utterly blown away by the beauty of it's interior, and of course the art pieces themselves.
(The gold ceilings are brighter than my future.)
1,2 (SALE),3 (SALE)

My mother is a wonderful piece of art after all.
(Micky taking pieces on snapchat are what museums are for.. right?..)

I'm wearing Sally Hansen's Nail Polish Strip in Glitz Blitz (with small black stars from Boot's Seventeen) because you have to be extra sparkle-y to compete with never-ending gold ceiling in the Louvre. PS - they lasted for 3+ weeks with top coat!
Can we just talk about how damn TINY the Mona Lisa actually is?!
When we finally got shoved out of the Louvre at around 10pm, we be-lined for the nearest place with food. We were HUNGRY.
We passed a closed Laduree and I wept a little inside.
We finally stumbled upon the Louvre's Starbucks which was about to close, so we grabbed an overpriced frappe, bagel and buns and sat in the courtyard surveying our final scene of the Lourve.
After finishing our treats, we took a stroll down to the Ritz which was under development at the time so unfortunately I have no pretty photos to grace your eyes with.
However, I did enjoy mooching, peeking into pretty hotels and restaurants; and of course window shopping lusting at all the designer shops - Especially Chanel on Rue Cambon.
I felt like I was home. 
We walked to the Concorde, took in the Parisian atmosphere before catching the metro back to the hotel in Montparnesse.
I apologise for the appalling quality. I didn't let myself take my camera around purely because I didn't want to get stuck behind a screen and distort my Paris experience.
I wanted to be in the present and take it all in.
However, I do wish that I could indulge you, and me, in better quality pictures.
This being the first time I had properly visited since I was a tiny girl (I flew to Paris on concord - talk about living the 4 year old dream), I was in my element.

After pretending to be Blair Waldorf for a few hours, I was exhausted and slept like a lil cherub.
If you're in Paris for the afternoon/evening, what my mother and I got up to would be a perfect itinerary. Stay tuned for more itinerary ideas and Paris Day 2-4!
I have so many Paris adventures, some tourist-y and some completely off the tourist map, to show you still, I can't wait ekk.
Have you been to the Louvre? Have you also lusted after that perfect bag at Chanel Cambon?
Isn't the Mona Lisa tiny?!

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Stay safe, stay beautiful and have a fabulous day!

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  1. Aww this post is adorable and I really want to go to Paris now! All the pictures are beautiful and you & your mum are gorgeous <3! The hotel looks amazinh :D
    Ramsha | Rose