Halloween Tips for Combating Anxiety & Depression - 1

Hello cutie,

After reaching out for help before on the internet and not coming across any helpful content, I have decided to write this, for those who also struggle with seasonal holidays regarding depression and anxiety.

There is a huge hole online, with tips and ideas with dealing with depression/anxiety around this time of year so I have decided to fill it with some of my very own tips.
These tips really do help me and I desperately hope that they help you too, or at least give you an idea.

Tomorrow I am posting a little a bit of context behind my painful Halloween experience but I wanted to post this first so that I can reference it, in that post.
Plus the quicker this is out, the more people it can (in theory) help!
So stop by on Friday to read a bit of what I mentally went through during those holidays.
You can read this here (when I link it!)
*I am seriously looking forward to this year's Halloween as I am on top of my mental health, so I'm in a very good mindset to help others currently*

I know that if you are dreading it too, you can see Halloween/the holiday period getting closer on the horizon and you want to curl up in a ball and never move again.
I know.
Although I am not present with you, I am with you, always.

When you're in a deep pit of sadness, holidays like Halloween, Christmas, NYE, can become tormenting.
They are no longer fun.
They can make your sadness more painful.
I want to help others also in this pain, or at least try make it a bit more bearable.
So below are the things that I do.
I find it very helpful to schedule the day, especially if it's a difficult day to fight through.
This gives you constant distraction and definitely helped me stop the bad thoughts creeping in by keeping productive.

1. Dress up.

You work it you sassy thing, you here me?!
Play with your make up all day, paint yourself, go mad.
Unleash your creative side like you're on project run way, ok?

2. Dress up your pet.

I just had to show you a picture of Zoe Sugg's pug in this outfit, I'm sorry but LOOK AT IT.
Make your pet look just as ridiculously adorable, even if it's a goldfish.. or a worm.

3. Decorate.

DIY (search Pinterest asap) it or buy it, make sure you have dressed your humble abode for the occasion.
You will not regret it.
This is what makes me feel most festive and it really does work, plus, pumpkins are SUPER DUPER CUTE.

4. Spoil those cute trick or treaters with sweeties galore!

In the words of Nike, just do it.
Make their teeth rot, in the nicest way possible.
Go out, decorate your front door, give the little darlings a scary experience!

5. Invite over a friend who understands or simply one who will help you have fun.

Make a day of it with someone you know has your back.
Explain that you find that particular day hard so they understand, even get them to plan your day so it's all one big surprise for you!

6. Events & public places.

Ok, so on the anxiety side, public = not cool.
BUT if you think you can handle it, see what's on in your area.
There will be so many little events happening during the day.
In malls, supermarkets, parks etc.
Search around and do something different.
I've always wanted to go to Tulley's Halloween Attraction, but that's for if you want to go hard on the festivities.
How cool does this Fire Festival in London look? (pic above)

7. Post-its.

(Michelle & Romy's High School Reunion just echoed in my head)
Write a list of the things you love about Halloween (or any holiday!) to remind yourself to celebrate the good. Stick these good thoughts on post notes where you can see them constantly, eg - kitchen, bathroom, bedroom!
It doesn't have to be just holiday based, any positive thing you can think of can go on that lil post-it. I encourage it completely. 

8. Make seasonal movie/music playlist.

Binge watch/listen to your seasonal playlist, or even just your feel good films/songs.
Make sure you have plenty, and also plenty of your favourite food to treat yourself with during.

I found this list to help you get started here!

9. Take a bubble bath.

Not as festive as you'd think, but you'd be surprised!
There are many holiday themed bath products around, especially at Lush. (click for the sparkly pumpkin)
I'd recommend their seasonal bath bombs, especially snow fairy and butterbear for newbies.
I don't know about you, but that glitter would make me so happy I would never want to get out.

10. Carve pumpkins.

An obvious one BUT mix it up a bit.
Go for a crazy design and have a competition with your friends/family, even if your just sending them a picture.
This year I'm doing the deathly hallows triangle.

11. Be safe & play it safe.

keep yourself safe, make sure others know where you are if you do go out AND most of all play it safe.
Don't push yourself out of your comfort zone too much.
Frickin' go you if you do, but look after yourself, please.

Treat yourself well and don't trick yourself (bad pun).
But seriously, look after you.
You don't even have to do any of the above, just do what you know makes you happy and congratulate yourself when you get through the day.
Because I am so proud of you.
I hope this helped someone in at least someway, I know that my tips on surviving a bad night went down very well so I hope this has the same impact on others!
I am off to sleep now, as it's 1am and I have a driving lesson early tomorrow, whoops!
It's worth it if it helps at least someone.

Nighty night.
Stay safe and stay beautiful.

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