Anxiety & Depression in the Holidays - Part 2

Hello cutie!

This is a piece carrying on from this post which I shared with you yesterday.
Halloween is the first holiday/celebration of many over the next season, so I realised that this was quite important to share.

Halloween Tips for Combating Anxiety & Depression - 1

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After reaching out for help before on the internet and not coming across any helpful content, I have decided to write this, for those who also struggle with seasonal holidays regarding depression and anxiety.

Reading & Leeds Festival Style 2015

Hello cutie!

I hope you're peachy.
I had the pleasure of being at my favourite festival (Of the whole entire year!) the other day (ok, so don't shoot me, I've had this in my drafts for too long - too poorly) and I was in my god diddly darn element.
Reading Festival 2015.
Music, my love in hand, bands, food, AND FASHION.

Popp(y)ing to Paris

Thanks for popping by to read Poppy's post on Poppying to Paris.
Ok, I'll stop that now.

So long time readers (or stalkers - no shame) may know that from my parents for my 18th birthday I was lucky enough to receive a trip to the city of lights aka where my inner Blair Waldorf belongs; PAAARRIIISSS.