Pick Me Up - 28

Hello you gorgeous soul.

It's lovely to see you back here, I have some goodies for you! I hope they warm your cockles, and all that jazz.

Ok. So this dog, is actually trying to catch the fishies.
My heart.

And there was always that one kid at those childhood parties, am I right or am I right?

(all pictures are linked)
SO I have actually bought these trousers twice TWICE, that's how much I adore them.
They're split up the side with the most gorgeous rose pattern AND they're now only £9! Can I get a hell yeah.
H&m trousers
My gorgeous Charly (@ch4rleh) and I recently saw an open air showing of Dirty Dancing (for the first time!) at a showing in Bournemouth by the wonderful Luna cinema.
I complete recommend checking them out! Such fun, such fun.

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 19.27.26
I literally just bought this for Reading Festival next week - who will I see there?!
I miss my old strands of colour and have decided to whack it out again for the fest.
It's my favourite festival, how can I not.
Plus it was only £2 on boohoo.com (with free delivery - raise the roof!) so I went for it.
Comb in
comb in

For all those fighting battles, big or small, keep going. You're always doing better than you think. 
I have so much to tell you guys regarding my life right now and I feel this quote is very important in all of life's situation.

This one is guna make you want to move yaaaaaa feet.
A fantastic song to get ready to!

Spotify: eleanorpoppy - hit me up with dwaagggz!

 I hope I managed to lift your spirits, I really do!
Thank you for popping on over, it's lovely to see you.
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Have a beautiful week!

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  1. Can we talk about how beaut you look on that first picture?!?!?! I also really want to try the hair colour, I'm too scared to do anything permanent so that would be perfect!
    Bethany x