Shift Dress & Afternoon Tea

Hello cutie,
I hope you're dandy.
So I thought I'd share with you some snaps of an outfit I wore to a spontaneous Sunday afternoon tea with my boyfriend way back at Easter I've forgotten.
As it was a Sunday, and Sundays are as chill as chill can possibly be, my face was bare.
Nothing, absolutely nothing, narda, was on my face (apart from a smile duh *gags*).
Although this would have petrified me a year ago, I honestly now don't mind gracing you au-natural-style.
I'm fed up of having that fear that I simply must always cover my face with at least some form of cosmetics for pictures etc I share online.
Does anyone else relate to that feeling?
Make up should be for fun, not because you're worried about what people on the internet think about your appearance.
So I'm bringing those vibes back and releasing my inner My Pale Skin (how fantastic was her video here), obviously make up is still one of my favourite toys, but I no longer want to pressure myself into having to wear it always for cyberspace.
It loses its fun.
So here I am, prancing in front of a beautifully blue door on the way to afternoon tea. Showing you one of my favourite dresses that, for me, suits not only Spring, but Summer.
The dark background of the pattern is perfect for colder Spring weather, but I adore how the lovely bright floral pattern that makes it incredibly diverse for also a mild Summer's day.
You know that typically British Summer's day of, 'I want to wear a dress because it's warm but it's very grey outside sigh' I HAVE SOLVED THAT PROBLEM.
Also how lovely is that nail colour? Hands of My Kielbasa is definitely one of my favourite nail polishes ever, so subtle yet beautiful.
Tights for Spring.
No tights for Summer.
Easy as pie.
There's something marvellous about shift dresses, it is definitely the way that you can simply pop one on and it makes for a more casual appearance than eg, a skater dress.
It is very much like a long structured tee, which I think is why I'm so drawn to them.
The satisfaction of a casual feel yet seamlessly being able to look relatively smart.
Which is my dream, personally. (look at that happy bunny above)
Of course, I contradicted myself greatly by wearing such a big hat, which instantly makes the outfit stand out regardless of how casual any outfit is.
There's no hiding behind the hat, I have to admit.
But come on, it's me, when do I not like stand-y out outfits?!
I love these boots an incredible amount and I reckon you will see them on me a lot in the future. The combination of gold and black makes me feel light-headed, it's beautiful and oh so stylish.

And off to afternoon tea we popped!
We nipped into Jacqueline's Sandwich Bar and Confectionary, in a nearby town in Hampshire, Ringwood.
I opted for the traditional afternoon tea of homemade scones, fresh cream, local strawbs and tea (how cute is that complimentary shortbread?!). Oh my didn't it wow me.
It was absolutely delightful, and I could not recommend it enough.
Being there and the way that the food was served completely created the comforting feeling of being at your Grandparent's house.
I mean look at the way it was served, doesn't that just scream a typical afternoon at Granny's?!
Harry opted for a baguette sandwich 'with lots of meat', served with salad and crisps. Look at that hot chocolate though!
If you're interested in popping down you can check it out here, I must say it's the perfect place to refuel at after a day in the New Forest.
It also has one heck of a beautiful mirror, we couldn't help but take advantage of it.
How nice is it, I mean you would too right?!

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I hope you enjoyed this snippet into my little quaint Sunday.
What do you have planned for this Sunday?
I loved sharing my day with you, I hope you have a quaint Sunday too!
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Stay safe, stay beautiful and have a wonderful weekend!


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  2. Scones look amazing! Gonna try this place