Pick Me Up Weekly - 26

Hello cutie and happy Hump Day to you! (or Prime Day) (Have you been hitting up those amazon deals?!)

Some of you will know that I started this feature, which seems like oh so long ago now, to celebrate surviving half of the week on Hump Day aka Wednesday!
Because simply getting through a day, let alone half a week, is an achievement that deserves to be celebrated.
So this spot is for you, and I am making sure that you take the time to, laugh, smile, feel goofy and most of all, proud of yourself.
You need it more than you think. So grab a drink, and enjoy.
I've also added a Buys of the Week section, because shopping is good for the soul. Am I right ladies?

In celebration of the awful Minions film, I can't be the only person who hates minions I came across this vine, which makes me laugh SO much regardless of my hate.

This is a little round up of things that have caught my eye this week which I think you may also enjoy!


(click pic or no. for link)
1. Art Therapy Book - I can't be the only person who thinks that the idea of a colouring book designed for 'grown ups' is simply one of the best ideas in years.
Does anyone have any colouring book suggestions? I'm stuck on what book to get!
2. Kindle Fire - I think I maybe falling back into the Kindle trap. I have an Amazon gift voucher and as they're £59 today compared to £119... I've only gone and bought one. No shame.
3. GTA V - When we had the PS3, I could not stop playing this game. Now we have a PS4 and I very much miss GTA. These are the real problems in the world. Must. Purchase. Having. Withdrawals. SOS.
4. Midi Skirt - Oh my god, look at her butt bow. It's the bow that sells it. Gosh I love bows.
5. Kimono Dress - Oh wow this dress. Oh wow. I feel light-headed, it is wonderful. I want my first born to be as beautiful as this dress. That's it. I'm buying it. 5 points if you spot me at future events wearing it.
6. Shirt - So crisp, so fresh and would go perfectly with my pussybow I like bows a lot. The stripes will also hopefully let me look taller (ok I'm dreaming but just let me go with it)
If you haven't already hopped on over to my £15 and under page, which is where I share my lusting list, then hop on over here.
The clothes make me giddy, they're so beautiful and CHEAP.

Isn't this brilliantly uplifting? Be good to you, because you are important! *read in the little girl's voice from The Help* 
Now, this is one of those songs, that once you hear, you can't stop humming.
I'm sorry in advance.

Spotify: eleanorpoppy - hit me up with twwunnees!

Thank you for popping by and I hope this lifted your spirits in some way!
Have you enjoyed this post and the new Buys of the Week feature? I mean, who doesn't like pretty clothes!

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