14 Tips; How I Survive a Bad Night

Hello lovely,
I hope you're mighty fine.

I have been MIA this week and admittedly this is mainly due to the complete and utter annoyance that is sleep. (and it doesn't look as glamorous as my thumbnail, I can assure you)
See, I know I'm not one of those people who can't function without sleep. I used to survive 16+ hour days with a tigger hop in every step and a smile the size of the sun.
However, somehow, my illness has thrown me into that 'cannot-function-without-sleep' pile without my consent. The cheek.

To me, a bad night, equals too much pain and illness the next day. So as you can imagine, I try my very best to avoid that, although of course that doesn't always work out.
However despite this, I thought I would try be of some help and share with you things that I do when my night just isn't going particularly well.

1. Fan Fan Fan Fan.

So I know this sounds silly, but I literally have my fan on all night all year round.
This is mainly due to the flue/temperature like symptoms that I suffer from when I get even remotely warm during the night - BUT - I think using a fan is perfect for keeping an airflow, so that if you do wake up in the night, the room just isn't as stuffy and the air as dry. Making it just slightly more bearable and less yucky.
(Unless you're lucky enough to have air-con, then I seriously envy you)
Apparently sleeping at 18c can increase your metabolism.

2. Nightmare Trauma.

GET UP. If you suffered through a traumatic ordeal in your sleep, you have a sweat, you feel exhausted from all the images in your brain. GET UP.
Yes, maybe you have to be up in 2 hours and need to get back to sleep asap, but I find, regardless, it's best to take a breather.
If you go back to sleep too soon, the nightmare may just start again, and that's even more sleep lost.
If you're able to (admittedly sometimes I'm not due to pain) walk to the bathroom, wash your hands - this always helps - then walk back to bed.
I'm not one to talk but do NOT sit on your phone to take your mind off it, sleep little cherub.

3. Covers Galore.

I'm incredibly lucky to have three types of quilts surrounding me in bed to suit whatever temperature my body has decided to be at.
The classic duvet, for cold nights. The silk throw duvet for warm but cold nights. Then the thin throw blanket for summer nights.
I literally sound like goldie locks.
These beauties are my little life savers, even when I'm not using them I can use them as a pillow or to cushion delicate parts of my body.
Which brings me onto;

4. Cushy cushion that bod.

I try my very best to make sure that every part of my body is supported, because if it isn't, it will hurt like a bitch the next day. I even recommend this to those who don't suffer from chronic pain. Your body needs to be supported, pillows aren't just for heads.
If I'm sleeping on my back, which is the ideal sleep position, a pillow goes under my knees as this takes pressure off the lower back.
If I'm sleeping on my side, a pillow goes under the armpit to support my arm and one between the legs to keep the spine aligned.
Any spinal curves will basically compress the discs in your spine or pinch the nerves, which will result in pain!

If you want more than just a pillow, I reccomend;

5. Snoogles.

Now these silly looking things work a treat.
Yes they look ridiculous, but I can genuinely hear the angel chorus because they are so damn good for your little body!
They're more expensive than your average pillow, pricing at £30+, and yes they are designed for pregnancy but does that really matter?
Think how cushty you will be.
You can find them on amazon and here.

6. Meds before bed.

If you know you may be in for a long night, gobble them up. Even if you don't have meds, grab that paracetamol or antihistamine/piriton to help settle you.

7. Deep breathing.

I seriously recommend deep breathing as a distraction from pain, your phone and for attempting to fall asleep.
You can find my recent post on one of my deep breathing exercises here!

8. Shove your pet out of bed.

Get that pet out!
Yes, they're cute, but then again they also double as a radiator and possibly (if you're as unlucky as me) a hyperactive child.
If you want a bit of company during the night then I highly recommend it, but if you want to get through the night it's most likely will be comfier without them.
Don't hate me, I love your pet really.

9. Sleep trackers don't work, so don't fret over them.

Don't spend all night worrying about how many hours you're getting. Relax, the extra anxiety is not going to help silly.

10. Baths.

If it's 4am, and you're really not getting anywhere, nip out of bed and have a quick warm bath.
This will relax your muscles and the warmth will, hopefully, make you sleepy.

11. Nightylight.

I've had a night light in my room for as long as I can remember, when I'm having those nights where I'm up every half hour, it is incredibly soothing to turn it's little glow on and feel slightly more calm in it's presence.

12. Cute bed spread.

The cuter, prettier and fresher my bed is in terms of feel and appearance, can really help me survive the night. The mental battle becomes a lot easier when it feels more put together around you.
Remember, you spend 6+ hours in that little den, make it look at least attractive to the eye.
I love leaving fairy lights on during a bad night.

Last but not least;

13. Background Noises.

I love to leave the gentle sound of rain on repeat in the background if I'm unable to sleep. 
It gives me something to focus on and stops my mind wondering, thus helping me fall asleep easier.
I also recommend the sounds of a rainforest and the sea. Not exactly a fan of the dolphin or whale noises though I have to admit. Whatever takes your fancy.
No offence, you're still cute.

14. Good Thoughts.

As cliché as it seems and despite how difficult it is, I encourage myself to think about good things happening the next day or even week. From thinking about what goodies maybe for dinner and just simply wondering what tomorrow's sunset will look like, I list them in my head. It's hard to have a positive outlook in these times, but at least comfort can be taken in the small things, the sun will rise again.
I highly recommend accompanying the thoughts with deep breathing.
The more positive the thoughts, the nicer dreams, hopefully you shall have. In theory.

I hope you found this helpful in someway. 
Bad nights really are a struggle and once I get through them I tend to just get on with life, but please, always congratulate yourself.
Your survival rate for every bad night (and day!) is currently 100%, so well done you.
Looking after and treating yourself after anything bad is so important, don't forget that.

Make sure you enjoy the rest of your day and make a bad day a good one.
I am so proud of you.

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Stay safe, stay beautiful and have a wonderful week!


  1. We are in sync girl! A fan, 3 quilts, a thousand pillows & a night light! Great post! Will deffo try 4am baths when me/cfs is being a pain.x

    1. Hahah this made me so happy! I thought I was alone on that one, that's how nights should be! I'm so glad you enjoyed it, it's lovely to find that you can relate so much. I do hope the baths help, I know that pain can be a massive bother when you run out of options so I really do wish you all the best!
      All my love to you and have a fantastic day!

  2. Its morning and you literally just made me want to go back to bed so muc
    *Sigh*, back to real life :(

    Allie | RainyAllie

    1. Oh my goodness, I can almost feel your heart breaking from here, I do hope you made it through the day my lovely! I hope you spent this weekend snuggled in bed, you really deserve it.
      Lots of love xxx

  3. I think I'm the lucky one who can sleep whenever and wherever- at the weekend I feel asleep on the plane during take off!


    1. wow I applaud you! that is quite an achievement, I must say. Can we swap sleep patterns, pretty please?! That sounds utterly dreamy, I'm quite envious indeed ahah!
      Best wishes lovely xxx

  4. So true. I try to make it a habit på tell myself 3 things about the day that I liked or appreciated before I go to sleep. Makes the waking up part in the morning easier as well! x


    1. I am so glad that you do that, positive thinking is so important at night, your dreams must be very sweet indeed! AH yes the realisation of another day ahead of you can be quite daunting, you go girl!
      Lots of love:) xxx

  5. I totally agree a fan and a good pillow are definitely key to a good sleep!

    1. I'm my fans biggest fan! (wow that pun was awful) but completely with you on that! soooo comfy :)
      all my love xxx

  6. I really want to try that snuggle pillow! It looks really comfy. Great post!


    1. Get on it asap! It's like cuddling a big fluffy human size sausage! I mean, what's not to love?! hahah. Thank you so much Perla!! I do hope that you benefited in some way :)
      best wishes xxx

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