How are you doing on this mighty fine day? It is Spring my friends, there is no need to be unhappy, the long winter is almost over. CAN I GET A HELL YEAH. However if you need a bit of cheering up then stick around. I think I can help.

All my love x
You selfish human.

I feel like this little boy understands me on a spiritual level.

And this just makes me ridiculously happy, how can it not?! IT'S A DOG COP.

Man I cannot get over how much I love this song. It's the perfect sing a long/dance a long song for the shower. I hope you appreciate it as much as I do!
I'd love for you to follow me over on Spotify at eleanorpoppy, I'd love to see a lil bit of your music taste! Here I shall be posting all my PMU songs of the week and more!

I hope this did perk at least someone up, I mean.. how can it not right? IT'S A DOG VINE GUYS.
Can I also mention that I reached 10,000 views on Sunday night?! *insert heck yeah and dancing girl emoji*.
To celebrate this I shall be holding a small giveaway - so stick around! You're gunna love it.


  1. Awesome post Poppy, Yay that Spring has arrived for you! It's coming into Autumn here where I am which I'm more than happy about. Come the middle of winter though and I will be complaining and wanting warm weather again! lol I hope your having a lovely week.

    Lennae xxx