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Hello my beautiful human,
Ok so, I'm not turning into a bloggers who blogs whenever they feel like it, I can assure you.
I love and adore my blog. I love writing, I love having a voice. I love meeting and talking to the 100s of amazing people I have met because of this lil online diary.  I also don't want the hard work I've put into it (so far) to go to waste.
Did anyone else think of this scene when I said 'so far'?
But behind the scenes I unfortunately have a life and an illness, that unlike my blog, cannot be put on hold. Damn you responsibilities.
 However, despite my fully filled schedule, I let myself have one day to indulge myself in all things bloggy. I did something this Easter, besides eating chocolate. *crowd applauds*.
I was invited by the ever so lovely London Meet Up group to an hour fitness class, courtesy of Hula Fit.
Hula Fit was created in 2013 by Anna and Rowan Byrne, who both have a lot of experience in the fitness industry. Their class, focuses on making fitness fun and claim to have a bit of everything for everyone in their classes - as everyone loves hula hooping after all.
This being said, I was also delighted to be apart of a group of bloggers and like-minded people, so awoke early (ok, 9am is early for me) that Saturday and hopped on a train to London.
The tube is one heck of a chore.
Finally, I arrived in Notting Hill, just off Portobello Road at The Tabernacle. A beautiful location indeedy.

I felt like I was walking into a mini London castle fit for a princess, who would have known that there was a dance studio within it? 
Although arriving a few minutes late, I received a warm welcome from both the girls and our instructor, Anna.
Photo from the gorgeous Kara 
I grabbed a hoop and attempted to join in.
Photo from the fabulous Nevena
I did actually have gym clothes on for it, promise.
Now, I have to admit. As a sufferer of M.E, Fibromyalgia and IBS, travelling to London to attend a fitness class probably wasn't the cleverest of ideas.
However, I wanted to be guinea pig, (ok I don't believe in animal testing though) for those with chronic illnesses who want to dip their toe into some fitness that is fun but feel that it's too far out of their comfort zone. I wanted to also see how much I could achieve, as just attending and getting there was a big deal for me, let alone exercising for an hour.
The class began slowly, or from my point of view quickly, damn my dysfunctional body.
Anna began teaching everyone how to actually hola hoop. I had no idea, even as a child my hoop would fall to the ground within seconds. So keeping it up, finally at the grand age of 18, was a big deal to me. I thought that'd be enough for one day.
But nope, my oh my oh I honestly didn't think it would be so intense. Suddenly we were doing circuits and running around our hoop as well as the room. I was quite naïve to think it would be some simple hula hooping.
Out came the dreaded jumps, lunges, squats and burpees. Things that I haven't attempted to do in months. 
Taken from the beaut that is Lou 
I mean just watch me drop my hoop (right at the back, left) whilst everyone has it mastered. This is not my area of expertise.
At this point I realised that I had reached my limits and needed to slow down if I wanted to get home alive. No one was aware of my conditions, apart from LDN's beautiful organiser - Lauren, nor did I want them to be. I was quite content, I felt like a normal girl doing normal girly gym things. 
The lovely Lauren (@LDNmeetup and @Blonde_Vision
I also loved listening in on their gym talk and admiring their gym clothes, this is the healthy life I should be living I thought to myself.
I did look a bit wimpy sitting out occasionally and avoiding the circuits like the plague, but a girls got to do what a girls got to do. It was such an nonjudgemental atmosphere, I felt accepted and entirely free to look after my body and not push it.
There was a short break half way through where everyone got to catch up, drink a gallon of water and show off their new skills before returning again to the hula hooping madness.
Hoops were swung around arms, fingers, necks, bums and legs. Oh the amount of times I flung my hoop into someone by accident, and I seemed to be the only person who managed to achieve that..
Note that these are weighted hoops so even though they're easier to use, it does feel like you're being punched in the ribs whenever you're spinning it around your waist.
You can feel it working and how much of an affective technique it is to lose that chub. I highly recommend it.
If you try this at home, remember to switch directions of the hoop every few minutes to avoid bruises.
An hour later the class ended and hoops were gathered. I was both relieved and saddened. 
It had turned out to be SO much fun. Wizzing a hoop around whilst dancing to music made me feel like a child again. However, I was also in need of food (review of the restaurant we went to and further shenanigans to come) and a rest, I was sweating but my body was surprisingly holding up. I had managed to exercise and keep up fully for at least 30-40 minutes, if you're chronically ill you'll understand how much of a big deal this is.
I didn't bring my Nikes because who's got time to lug those bad boys around? My little white socks did well. (unsure of source)
I was admittedly on a high and met so many lovely girls.
Found image, but unsure of which blog it's from - hit me up if it's yours.
The sweetheart that is Laura from @lovedbylaura
I couldn't recommend this class enough. I have a body with chronic pain yet still managed to burn some calories, get involved and have fun. I'd say that's a sign of a worthwhile class.
Ok well I probably still need some practice..
If you live in or around London, hop on over to the Hula Fit website as they have classes frequently starting at £6. Which is probably cheaper than a Central London gym.
Grab some friends and go, whatever your fitness level is.
You will love it, I promise.

watch's short vlog and of course the clip of me failing to hula.

I can't thank Hula Fit and the London Meet Up girls enough for such a great experience.
Unfortunately I can't attend the classes due to living an hour away, but I have since bought a hoop and I'm building it up 1 minute every non-poorly day, one day I will be back again. (The bruises are definitely present however.)
4th April 2015

I was also lucky enough to watch this sunset on my way home and couldn't wait to share it with you! Just wonderful isn't it?
Quick disclaimer due to recent stigma regarding my illnesses; I am in recovery - or so I'd like to think, it's very unpredictable and a guessing game.
 Exercise does not cure M.E, Fibromyalgia or IBS but in fact enhances the symptoms, making them worse until you rest. My recovery time is shortening, meaning I feel more comfortable stretching my limits than others with my condition would. I only need a day-week to recover from intense activity. I only needed 1-2 days to recover from pain and exhaustion from the experience reviewed above.
Just because I completed 30 minutes of exercise does not mean that I can do it again or that other's with my condition can too. We are all fluctuating through different stages of the illness and not one person's condition is the same.
 Please do not recommend exercise to other's with my condition.

Thank you for taking note of my disclaimer and thank you for popping back.
Will you be purchasing a hoop or popping off to Hula Fit? I'd love to know!
I really appreciate every quick scroll or intensive read. This blog makes me so happy and I hope I can share that happiness with you.
Have a fantastic day wherever you are in the world and I can't wait to see you back here soon lil beauty!


Hello my wonderful human.
If you're in England right now, I hope you're enjoying the sun as much as I am!

This is just a quick post to say that this shall likely be my only post this week due to having a week filled to the brim with adventures ahead of me and a stressful week last week that I was unable to plan ahead.
I am off to somewhere that involves plenty of left over Belgium Easter chocolate!
(10 points to Gryffindor if you can guess where)
However I shall be updating my social media constantly so please don't hesitate to follow me and the like. There will be so many blog posts to come on these adventures.
I wish to take every single one of you with me.. in the form of a Snapchat, Instagram and tweet; which I hope is a good compromise! One day my friends.

I did have a post planned however didn't have the right SD card at the time, blogger problems eh?
I shall also be a bit slow on the old emails, so I apologise in advance for that,

You can find me on Snapchat as eleanorpoppy. I will be using frequently this and;
Instagram: @p0ppyfield
Twitter: @p0ppyfield
I shall be using Snapchat every few hours but also will be attempting using;
Vine: @p0ppyfield
Gifboom: @p0ppyfield

Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 15.31.05Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 15.30.49
You guessed it, I pretty much use p0ppyfield for EVERYTHING (but snapping).

Have a brilliant rest of the week, I can't wait to update you all on my adventures.
Stay beautiful!
Stalk my Health Diary here or click on the Health Updates tab if you have a free minute. 
Thank you for letting me fill your noggin up with my words,

Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 15.30.49Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 15.31.05


similar listed beside product - horses not included
Managing abdominal and period pains.

Hello again,
Thank you for popping back!
 A while ago I asked some of you, especially my chronic illness pals, if you would like to know about how I use yoga to fight certain pains without overexerting body and worsening its condition and the pain in general. I have a fabulous personal yoga teacher who teaches me just that - so it seems only right to share this sacred knowledge!
This pose is honestly my favourite pose, because I can do it in bed whilst watching Netflix.
It's that easy.

This is the Pelvic Tilt (or Rock), with the tiniest of movement, it works your flutes and back; as well as strengthens the sacroiliac joint and lower abdominal muscles. It tones your abdominal muscles and can help fight bad period pains. So it caters to everyone's needs.
As you may know I suffer from horrific daily abdominal pain (IBS) so this pose is very fitting for me.

Simply lie flat, on your back with your legs bent and your arms out at your sides.
Press your back into the floor using your stomach as you exhale.
Hold for 5 seconds. (Count slowly - 1 pussycat 2 pussycat..)
Whilst inhaling, tilt your pelvis until an arch in your lower back forms.
There should be space between the ground and your lower back.
Hold this again for 5 seconds before releasing.
Repeat as often as you can however I stick to about 10 repetitions. It is also incredibly relaxing and takes your mind off the pain.


Do listen to to my yoga playlist so you too can chill out to all my favourite yoga jams - I love Rain and Venus Eyes! How can you not love the sound of rain?!
If you're new to yoga then this is a great starter pose so do give it a try, even if yoga looks scary. I triple dare you so neeerrr. 
I hope this was helpful in at least someway and I hope you enjoyed the picturesque view of the New Forest.
Do let me know if you'd like more of these!
You can find more about my conditions within my about me, disclaimer and health diary page.

Have a fantastic week and a I hope you had the happiest of Easters!