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Today I want to share with you something that utterly left me speechless. I completely agree with everything which you'll read below however I struggled to put these thoughts into words and this does it so well, I had to share it.
So please, if you have 5 minutes to spare, keep reading and watch the video below.
The gifs are taken from Identities.Mic and I was introduced to this campaign via Tumblr. 
Chaz Smith created this masterpiece that focuses on dismantling rape culture, specifically addressing the role men play (obviously it is not all male based) and offering clear steps towards supporting survivors and reducing sexual violence. 
The video uses the analogy of playing sports to make a striking point about the ways women are encouraged to "play it safe" while men are lauded for "going for it.". 
It is absolutely amazing, please watch it.
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What to say to survivors:

I hope you enjoyed this and I really hope that this has touched or educated at least someone.
It is such a powerful video, please do spread it round at any opportunity.

Thank you for letting me fill your head up with my words, hop back again soon!

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