Spring Me Up with DYLON Dyes - DIY

DRESS: H&M, 2013 1, 2, 3.
BLACK SHOES: PRIMARK (via Ebay) 1, 2, 3, 4.
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Spring has sprung and it's time to spring clean that wardrobe.
Hello you beautiful human!

I am so happy to share with you my love for and how I jazz up my boring clothes.
I was inspired by Dylon Dyes to renew a boring unloved garment into something fresh and to give it a new life.
After all, spring has sprung and why throw away old clothing when you can simply make it into something better in a few easy steps?!
So when Dylon got in touch with me about their Easter Blogger Challange, I knew exactly what piece of clothing to reach for!
I've never really had a 'good relationship' with this dress, you know that one dress in your wardrobe which is frankly a big 'meh'?
Let's make this meh a HELL YEAH.

I followed the simple steps on the packet of the French Lavender dye, pastel purple is currently a favourite! (it will take max.10 minute prep time and 1 hour dying time - plus drying)
and wham bam

Pastels are in baby and aren't they a sight for sore eyes! I sure have missed them over the winter period.
Just swingin' around in Spring!
Lavender galore!
Suddenly I had a perfect new garment, which I fell in love with instantly, to swish around in the garden with.
I love how this is much more wearable now and I don't have to worry about constantly getting a mark on my white dress.

Why not dye that old piece of clothing you never wear instead of shoving it to the back of your 'will-wear-someday' draw?! Make that someday this Spring!
 £3 for a packet of dye probably works out better than £20 for a new shirt after all, Poppy your inner-frugal is showing.
Have you ever DIY-ed with dye? Or have you been doing it for years?! I'm a newbie so I'd love to know any tips and I'm sure many others would too!
Happy first day of Spring!

Dylon sure do undertsand fashion bloggers and our constant need to keep our wardrobe fresh!

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Thank you for letting me fill your noggin up with my words. Do pop back.
PS. I haven't actually got a milk moustache.. (see first photo!).

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  1. Ah the lavender is SO SO GORGEOUS, Its such a lovely colour on you! I have the same dress in black :) Also you have literally the most beaut face ever, no exaggeration haha
    Bethany x


    1. Hiya you!
      Isn't it just oh my gosh, I have another packet and I can't wait to spread the lavender love some more!
      Aw THANK YOU SO MUCH WOW. You are the cutest little thing in the world I swear - we need to get the collab train rolling ekkk
      Is it from H&M too?