Pick Me Up Weekly - 24

Hello my beautiful human and I hope you're well.
Thank you for popping back, I really do appreciate it.
I just posted this and realised that I missed out PMUW - 23.. Lets hope no one notices..
I apologise for today's post having to be a very quick one but I hope it still amuses!


"Maybe she's born with it, maybe she used 3 different apps"

This is something I need to keep in my head when looking at my girl crushes's (there's more than one) selfies from now on. If you're like me and automatically think "I NEVER LOOK THAT GOOD", just remember one word: apps.
Unless it's obvious there's no editing, then just eat and cry.

I really enjoyed rekindling my love for Biffy this week, this is one of my favourites.

Have a fantastic rest of the week and remember to catch me on Saturday my lovies! 
Well done for surviving so far!

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Feel free to share any thoughts on absolutely anything!

Thank you for letting me fill your noggin up with my words,

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