The Guardian Changing Media Summit 2015 - Inside Sneak

The Inside Sneak of The Guardian's Changing Media Summit '15 - Day 2.

Welcome back my fellow human and I do hope you're very well indeed

I was kindly invited by The Guardian (Special thanks to Ruth) to both days of The Guardian Changing Media Summit 2015 from the 18th-19th March.
 For those who don't know, this is The Guardian's main media event and oh my is it a big deal.
 After 10 years it has become a permanent date in all those big CEO's and those who work across traditional/non-traditional media platform's calendar. At the Summit the future of the digital world is analysed by professionals from every corner of the world, or using their 'crystal balls' as The Guardian puts it. 
This is down to a mixture of panel debates, a dash of fireside chats, a sprinkle of lightning presentations, a dollop immersive workshops and roundtables and a drop of headline themes - discussing such things as;

 - How are media companies adapting and profiting from ten years of digital disruption?

- What opportunities and risks does native advertising pose to publishers and brands?
- Has new technology changed the fundamentals of marketing?
- How can companies manage the collision between data, consumer trust and privacy?
- Total retail: how are leading brands merging the online/offline shopping experiences?
- What does the future of media agencies look like?
- In a digital age, can traditional TV broadcasters survive?
*above taken from here* 

As you can imagine, these are all relevant and incredibly valid things to discuss and a lot of panels were full of very passionate and opinionated speakers.
This individuals included;
Eric Berger, executive vice president of digital networks - Sony Pictures 
Gary Bramall, CMO - Hailo
Lisa Bridgett, director, global sales & marketing -  Net-A-Porter
Michael Brunt, CMO and managing director, global circulation - The Economist
Blake Cahill, global head of digital and social marketing - Philips
Emma Carr, director - Big Brother Watch
Jon Cohen, vice president, survey research - SurveyMonkey
beauty and fashion vlogger - Fleur De Force
An Lewis, director of Sky movies and acquisitions - Sky
Huw Samuel - Vine Star
Roberta Lucca, co-founder and CEO - WonderLuk
*see more here*
As I was only able to attend Day 2, I didn't have the pleasure of hearing from all the speakers listed above. Yes, a part of me died inside when I missed Fleur's talk.
However I did not miss out one bit.
I enjoyed the lightening presentation from Roberta Lucca, CEO of WonderLuk
This is a London-based brand changing the world of fashion and technology. is a pioneering online marketplace where design enthusiasts can buy individualised 3D printed jewellery and accessories. 3D PRINTED. I can hear all fashion bloggers around the world, especially mesquealing with excitement. I am so in love with their accessories and style.
I'm sure we're going to be seeing big things from Roberta.

I also laughed and learned whilst listening to Mimi for, did you know that it's the 12th most visited site?! They receive 4 likes per second, wrap your head around that one!
Survey Monkey also gave a very detailed and helpful talk. A very intuitive concept for businesses. Plus I received a packet of those tiny little banana sweets that used to be one of my favourite things as a child! Anyone remember them?
I was greatly inspired by a panel debate on the future of agencies.
 I loved the quote "learn, earn, serve" but what really got my attention was their definition on creativity.
Creativity - "The ability to adapt to a problem and at the end be thinking in a radically different and fundamental way" This was worded by a very wise member of the panel and will stick with me for years to come.
Taboola brought along with them a Zoltar Machine, and if you follow me on instagram, you know I was a big fan of! Would anyone like to see my fortune?!

A photo posted by Poppy­čî┐Southampton UK (@p0ppyfield) on
I also had the pleasure of meeting fellow blogger Jodie who is over at and the brains behind The Click, It's simply a must read for tips and tricks!

Although I was only present for a day, I had an absolutely refreshing and motivational time whilst there. 
At times, I did feel out of my league, but in a good way, it kept me on my toes. I was surrounded by the huge people in businesses who know all the ins and outs, and there I was, a small 18 year old blogger from the New Forest. 
I didn't expect to be taken seriously but I was. I was welcomed and mingled.
 I was invited for being genuinely interested in attending rather than how big of a social media entourage I had behind me.
 I think this really represents the change in media, how open minded and accepting it is becoming.  It's changing.

Would you fancy attending The Guardian's yearly Summit? Are you aware of or love any of the speakers listed? I'd love to know if any of you are interested. I was probably the youngest at the event so if you're my age and intrigued I'd love to know!

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Spring Me Up with DYLON Dyes - DIY

DRESS: H&M, 2013 1, 2, 3.
BLACK SHOES: PRIMARK (via Ebay) 1, 2, 3, 4.
similar styles listed beside product
Spring has sprung and it's time to spring clean that wardrobe.
Hello you beautiful human!

I am so happy to share with you my love for and how I jazz up my boring clothes.
I was inspired by Dylon Dyes to renew a boring unloved garment into something fresh and to give it a new life.
After all, spring has sprung and why throw away old clothing when you can simply make it into something better in a few easy steps?!
So when Dylon got in touch with me about their Easter Blogger Challange, I knew exactly what piece of clothing to reach for!
I've never really had a 'good relationship' with this dress, you know that one dress in your wardrobe which is frankly a big 'meh'?
Let's make this meh a HELL YEAH.

I followed the simple steps on the packet of the French Lavender dye, pastel purple is currently a favourite! (it will take max.10 minute prep time and 1 hour dying time - plus drying)
and wham bam

Pastels are in baby and aren't they a sight for sore eyes! I sure have missed them over the winter period.
Just swingin' around in Spring!
Lavender galore!
Suddenly I had a perfect new garment, which I fell in love with instantly, to swish around in the garden with.
I love how this is much more wearable now and I don't have to worry about constantly getting a mark on my white dress.

Why not dye that old piece of clothing you never wear instead of shoving it to the back of your 'will-wear-someday' draw?! Make that someday this Spring!
 £3 for a packet of dye probably works out better than £20 for a new shirt after all, Poppy your inner-frugal is showing.
Have you ever DIY-ed with dye? Or have you been doing it for years?! I'm a newbie so I'd love to know any tips and I'm sure many others would too!
Happy first day of Spring!

Dylon sure do undertsand fashion bloggers and our constant need to keep our wardrobe fresh!

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PS. I haven't actually got a milk moustache.. (see first photo!).

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Pick Me Up Weekly - 24

Hello my beautiful human and I hope you're well.
Thank you for popping back, I really do appreciate it.
I just posted this and realised that I missed out PMUW - 23.. Lets hope no one notices..
I apologise for today's post having to be a very quick one but I hope it still amuses!


"Maybe she's born with it, maybe she used 3 different apps"

This is something I need to keep in my head when looking at my girl crushes's (there's more than one) selfies from now on. If you're like me and automatically think "I NEVER LOOK THAT GOOD", just remember one word: apps.
Unless it's obvious there's no editing, then just eat and cry.

I really enjoyed rekindling my love for Biffy this week, this is one of my favourites.

Have a fantastic rest of the week and remember to catch me on Saturday my lovies! 
Well done for surviving so far!

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Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 15.31.05Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 15.30.49