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Hello you lovely lot,

Today I thought I'd share with you something very special which I received for Christmas.
Some of you may remember that at the end of last year, I went to Paris as an 18th birthday present. It was a massively special city break as I went with my mummybear and pretty much explored the whole of Paris in 4 days. I will be sharing a feature filled to the brim with pictures soon, however my mother got there before me.
She gifted me with a A3 sized canvas filled with her own shots of Paris. It absolutely wowed me as I simply did not expect this.
Apart from the trip itself, this is probably one of the sweetest and most thought out presents I have ever been given.
It turns out that it was in fact incredibly simple to make thanks to Photobox at
I really wanted to share this with you because how can I not pass on to you such an easy gift idea?
They have canvases starting at £7, which considering the editing options included (such as my mother's collage) is so worth the money!
They sell photo books, prints, phone cases, mugs, cards and many more; I will definitely be keeping this site on my gifts radar.
If buying for Valentines, the last date for delivery is Thursday which gives you time to whip out those fabulous selfies.
Don't tell Harry, but I think I might be doing just that.
Will you be using this site? Or do you have any similar sites that you love? Do share! I'd love to know.

See you on Thursday my lovely and I hope your week is treating you well!

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*this is not a sponsored post - all opinions are my own*

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  1. Such a brill idea!... although slightly disappointed that i've only just read this post. Considering it's valentines tomorrow. I may be a little late now haha. Have a lovely weekend xxx