Pick Me Up Weekly - 22

I hope you are fantastiquueeee! Yes I made that word up. Unless it's French, I dannoo. How has your week been my liccle one?


Me as a parent.

I saw this a few days ago and it still makes me laugh SO much.

I'm sorry for the overflow of dogs but THIS VINE DESCRIBES MY LIFE

This has been pretty relevant to me these past few weeks. I hope this helps at least someone, I know I needed it.

I am seeing my favourite bands this valentines, All Time Low and You Me At Six, performing together ah!! I'm desperately hoping that ATL play this song as it will be valentines, so how can they not?!
Have a fantastic rest of the week and remember to catch me on Saturday my lovelies! 
Well done for surviving, the weeks seem to be flying by.

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Feel free to share any thoughts on absolutely anything!

Thank you for letting me fill your noggin up with my words,

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  1. YES to dog vines!! Yes to dogs in general!
    Quotes really speak to me lol and I like that one!
    Also.. Sweet Poppy, you're a breath of fresh air and I bloody love ya.
    Katie X

  2. The vines were definitely a pick me up! Great post :-)