Weekend Adventure Vlog - 1

Hello pretty lil human,

Welcome back! 
I've had no internet/time for so long that my unfinished schedule weekly posts were still going up without me even realising so for that I apologise.
I hope you're well and today I wanted to introduce you to my first ever vlog! 

A round of applause please. I finally got round to it!
With the help of my ever so wizzy video editor boyfriend, I've made a short snippet of how I spent my Valentines weekend.
It was jam packed with adventures which I couldn't wait to share with you.
It's an easy quick 1 min vlog to watch (I've also done this for those who struggle to take in chatty vlogs and also I'm not used to talking to a camera in public yet so..) as it's done in time to a great song by Lemaitre (- All I Need) and so I do hope it's enjoyable and upbeat to watch.
So sit back and relax my friend. 
*drum roll please*
(Simply search 'poppyfield vlog' on YouTube to find me)

 It was one of those slightly annoying weekends where everything kinda comes at once BUT somehow despite my conditions and everything bad stopping me I MANAGE TO DO SO DAMN MUCH.

This is a little insight into this video and the locations the footage is from;

On Saturday 14th Feb, my friend (charly's twitter) and I ventured to the London O2 for You Me At Six's co-headline tour with All Time Low. WE SAT FRONT ROW. It was incredible in every way. We also grabbed Wasabi for dinner at the O2 and damn I do love noodles.
We left London at 12am, caught the train back, and by 3am I was in Swanage with my boyfriend, Harry, for our Valentines break together in my apartment right on the sea (15th Feb).
You can honestly see how ridiculously close we were!
We had lunch on Sunday in a little Cafe called Earthlights (which is where the Fault in Our Stars blackboard is from) and it was beautiful. I also finally had a bath/wine with Lush's Valentines Day range ek!
We stayed in Swanage until midday on the 16th and ventured back to our home town in Hampshire for an all day hardcore as hell Nerf Gun war, dinner & drinks with friends. Everyone was in camo and I was in dogtooth..
It was a very long weekend and I'm so proud that I managed to achieve so much. (I suffer from Fibromyalgia & Anxiety so struggle with doing one adventure thing a day let alone 3+ in 72 hours!!) Even though I was limited at times, sad tears were shed, It was absolutely amazing. 
I want to get it out there that just because this vlog makes it look like I had an 'easy' time I still did struggle an awful lot, there's a lot I didn't show. But I did it.
I want to relive every second of that weekend so badly, truly truly.

My Health Diary here will be update this week, I apologise SO much for saying this again. I have an awful lot to share in terms of my health with you so yay! 
There are many more vlogs to come so keep your eyes peeled, I'm officially making them a thing. Plus my footage will get better, promise.
Harry is also a brilliant video producer, kindly helped edit this video (I did edit too promise!).
You can contact him here: hgeorgegadsby@hotmail.co.uk
Find his work and portfolio here
Stop by on Saturday and feel free to share any thoughts on absolutely anything!

See you soon and thank you for letting me fill your noggin up with my words,

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Blog .vs. Life - Taking a Breather | Advice & Chat

Hello you lovely human!

This post isn't as morbid as the title suggests, promise.
It's when it gets to about 11:59pm on a Saturday and I think to myself, "yeah I should probably post that at some point". Here I am, posting that at some point finally. Yes I know it's technically Sunday. Shh don't tell the blogger police.

Anyway, I do hope you're well. How has life been treating you?
I wanted to apologise for being MIA this week, but I really don't feel that I need to apologise. 
Obviously I still want to have my voice and words in your head on a daily/weekly basis because the idea of that is SO cool and wow I love you, you little person reading this.
However I feel that a lot of bloggers become very apologetic when they don't have time to post and frankly I see it as unnecessary.
Never feel sorry for wanting or having to take a short amount of time out of your blog or having to sacrifice a post.
At the end of the day, it's your blog, you run it.

Blog about your life, don't let your blog become your life.

So yeah, this brings me onto why I haven't really made an appearance this week. 
My life has being hectic. A good kind of hectic. The best kind.
I was living in the moment and I didn't want to have to worry about my next blogpost 24/7.
I have been on the go since last Friday and wow coping with being on the go with my chronic conditions and THEN having to think about my blog was a hugggge no no no.
I wanted to keep my sanity, I knew I couldn't keep my physical health, so I had to sacrafice.
It sucks (and that very much reminds me of the problem of evil and god's trait triangle. Ethics nerds hit me up.) but it worked.
I'm back and I'm here with a fresh mind (sort of) (to the best of my brain fog abilities) and I can't wait to catch up with you all.
I just wanted to get this out there, in case there are any of you beautiful lot who can kind of relate to that; and if you haven't already taken the time away from blogging and feel like you're churning out post after post, I highly recommend it.
Blogging is amazing. 
Your quality of life may improve because of it, mine has, but you also run the risk of not looking after yourself properly. Don't forget that. Don't get swallowed too deep into that hole of the blogging world where blogging becomes your life, it can be a difficult place to be.
But we'll all be willing to give you a hand asap, and all that jazz. Which is why I like this community.

I shall be back on Tuesday my pretty lil ting (purposely spelt ting) AND to make up for being MIA in such a hectic week, I may have vlogged some of it. The footage is SO pretty.
I am so excited to show you. 
All the footage is ready to go so stay tuned and hop back over here on Tuesday for the grand showing.
So how has your week been? You'll be seeing mine soon so it'd be pretty cool if I knew what your's was like. It only makes sense.
I hope you're well and that you have a restful Sunday indeedy.

I will be updating my Health Diary here (or click on the Health Updates tab.) this week (promise!) simply hop back on my posting days (Tues, Thurs, Sat) or follow @poppyshealth on twitter to be updated when! I have so much to share about my health but ironically my health doesn't always let me. Funny eh?
Feel free to share any thoughts on absolutely anything! *non-creepy smiley face*

Thank you for letting me fill your noggin up with my words,

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Free Last Minute Valentines Gifts | DIY & Advice

Hello my dearest lovelies,

I just wanted to share these with you if you've suddenly realised that you're present-less for your Valentines today or want to add a little sparkle and cuteness to your gift for your loved one.
These are very simple and very quick printables I've gathered for Pinterest.
I had planned to write a few DIYS but unfortunatelty I've been a busy bee indeed!
Enjoy friendlings;

Thank you to these blogs for being so creative!


I love how versatile all these print-offs are, especially the labels. Be creative!
How are you spending your Valentines? Do you have any ideas or stuff you'd recommend for it? I'm new to Valentines so I'd love to know!
I'm off to see my favourite bands at the O2 Arena today with my bestiewestie and then spending the weekend with my lovely boyfriend in my family's beach apartment. So expect many an Instagram. I am so excited! I hope I survive ek.
However you spend your day, I hope it's a good wan!

See how my health is fairing at the moment but snoopin' my Health Diary here (A diary I will happily share with you lovely lot!) or click on the Health Updates tab. 
Feel free to share any thoughts on absolutely anything!
See ya on Tuesday friendling, stay safe.

Thank you for letting me fill your noggin up with my words,

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Pick Me Up Weekly - 22

I hope you are fantastiquueeee! Yes I made that word up. Unless it's French, I dannoo. How has your week been my liccle one?


Me as a parent.

I saw this a few days ago and it still makes me laugh SO much.

I'm sorry for the overflow of dogs but THIS VINE DESCRIBES MY LIFE

This has been pretty relevant to me these past few weeks. I hope this helps at least someone, I know I needed it.

I am seeing my favourite bands this valentines, All Time Low and You Me At Six, performing together ah!! I'm desperately hoping that ATL play this song as it will be valentines, so how can they not?!
Have a fantastic rest of the week and remember to catch me on Saturday my lovelies! 
Well done for surviving, the weeks seem to be flying by.

Find out why by reading my current up to date Health Diary here or click on the Health Updates tab. 
Feel free to share any thoughts on absolutely anything!

Thank you for letting me fill your noggin up with my words,

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Dettol Baby Blanket Donation w/ Rachel Stevens | Charity

Hello my lovelies!

I do hope you're dandy and it's nice to see you again.
Today I wanted to quickly share with you something that I think is quite important to spread word about.
Dettol have teamed up with a huge childhood woman crush of mine, Rachel Stevens to help babies in need. (Yes the Rachel Stevens from SClub)
Babies are ridiculosuly vulnerable to every bad bug and rely on others to care for them constantly. 
Sadly, not all babies are lucky enough to have that care and support.
Enter Dettol's new campaign aimed at raising awareness of the dangers of bacteria on baby blankets. This is something I've never even stopped to think about. Think of the amount of bacteria we have on our bed linen, let alone a baby's!
'Baby blankets symbolise a very special time in both a mother and child’s life, holding many precious memories of the early days of life. However, many babies across the world will never get the chance to experience even the simple comfort that a warm, hygienically clean blanket brings.'
Within this they are also highlighting the shortage of baby blankets available to infants born to families in need by asking for you to donate any baby blankets you no longer need. I love how this targets two problems within one campaign.
‘keep the memories, not the bacteria’
For every blanket collected, £1 will be donated to Sparks, (click here) a fantastic charity (Sparks funds life-saving research to find preventions, treatments and cures for childhood illness.). 
They have teamed up with Dettol to ensure that more children across the UK and around the world are born healthy and stay healthy to help to improve children’s health in the UK.
 Once collected, Dettol Anti-bacterial Laundry Cleanser will ditch the bacteria by ensuring the baby blankets are hygienically washed before being re-distributed to families in need. Dettol has also pledged to donate £1 to Sparks for every blanket collected to raise much needed funds for UK families who are affected by childhood illness or disability up to 5,000 blankets.
This is such an amazing opportunity to improve a baby's life with very little effort and no costs involved! Like many of us, I would be sending my childhood blankey, but I am simply too attached to it. However I am going out of my way to make sure that this charity gets at least one blankey from me either way! 
Send those good vibes into the world.
Share on Facebook with Dettol’s Mission for Health https://www.facebook.com/missionforhealth?fref=ts your special baby blanket memories and photographs.  Or tweet @DettolBlanket remembering to include the hash tag #sharethememories #IvedonatedwithDettol
I'd love to see your beloved blankets if you still have them around, I shall be uploading a selfie with mine on my twitter (@p0ppyfield) tomorrow so do @ me with a selfie of your's!
If this campaign doesn't make you want to wash all your sheets after reading it, I don't know what will. *shoves sheets in washing machine*
Find out why by reading my current up to date Health Diary here or click on the Health Updates tab. 
Feel free to share any thoughts on absolutely anything!

Thank you for letting me fill your noggin up with my words,

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*SP post. All opinions are my own and how can I not support this charity?! See more info on post in Disclaimer*