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Hello you lovely lot,

I have been graced with the incredibly annoying mindfuzz, or writer's block as they say.

Now I'm not sure, this may just be down to my current crazy lifestyle and that putting that time aside to write becomes Mission Impossible. Baring in mind that I do keep a post schedule, I swear there are just days where you don't feel like following it. Your schedule for posts just becomes unappealing and you know you need to have a time out or write a completely unplanned post.

Now after having my time out, I felt like writing a quick completely unplanned post and I had no idea what to base it on.
Which got me thinking, why not write a post on quick blog posts that you can put together in seconds.

SO here goes;

What did you have for breakfast this week? Ok no seriously bare with me. Is there any food you've eaten that you'd recommend? For example, my mother tried making new healthy muffins for breakfast this week. I'll definitly consider sharing them with you soon. Food isn't a pointless thing to blog and talk about. You'd be surprised by the amount of meals I've had inspired by bloggers.
Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 00.18.24
IG - My breakfast has me all heart-eyes!
Where do you want to go on holiday this year? This is a great ones in terms of photos because you can simply take them off google rather than have to worry about taking blog worthy pictures!*

What books, shows or movies have you watched this week? Were they good/bad? Remember not too many spoilers!*

Share your favourite music or artists or cutest YouTube videos that you adore; this is similar to what I do within my Pick Me Up Weeklys.*

Have you had to make any hard choices or been in any bad situations this week? Pass on the knowledge you've learnt to your readers or even write a letter to your future self.*

What's on your bucket list?*

What 10 facts do your readers not know of you?* Perhaps ask your readers to comment their's as well!

What are your favourite childhood pictures of yourself and the stories behind them? Share 3 or so. Everyone is nosey secretly, you'd be surprised the amount of people who would read it!*

Along that note, what is your earliest of favourite memory?*

A 'what's on my bedside table/night stand post', a lazy version of a 'what's in my bag'. I mean you can take the picture from your bed!

Share a secret. Not quite as big as the secrets on Pretty Little Liars, but you get the jist.*

List your favourite quotes and who they're by.*

(List galore!)

List your favourite actors and their top films.*

List your favourite restaurants or to-dos in your nearest city.*

List any of your family's tradition.*

List and find cute useful or even pointless things for under £10.*

List your favourite bloggers, instagrammers or tweeters. Explain why you like them.*

List your current favourite or helpful apps.*

Why did you start your blog? Share your story! Your blogging triumphs and even fails.*

I've suggested as many as I can that involve little photography. I believe blogs are 50% words and 50% photos so having an opportunity where you can focus mainly on words is never one I turn down.
All those with an * suggests that little photography is involved and can be mainly stock.
This list is probably fantastic also for new bloggers!

Do you want to take any for a spin or have any other suggestions to add?

I hope these are helpful to some and it's a pleasure filling your noggin up with my words.
Do stop by again.

All my love,

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  1. This is SUCH A GOOD POST. I tried keeping a blog schedule for a while, but I'm terrible with deadlines and found that it just got to a point where I was posting for the sake of posting, and then not really liking what I put out. These are brilliant Ideas to get you started when you're having a brain block!
    Hope you're well lovely,
    Bethany x


  2. This is a great post! It might be time to rethink your schedule if you're having trouble sticking to it, it took me the longest time to decide on one that worked and it changed every few months!

    Corinne x

    1. thank you so much! Hm I was thinking that, I think personally I am a very spontaneously person and dislike planning things. I'm definitely beginning to feel more involved with my content but this has given me hope that I shall settle down. Thank you for such thoughtful advice, I really appreciate it. I can't wait to check your site out!
      All my love,
      Poppy xxx