Pick Me Up Weekly - 20

Hello my marvellous humans,

I hope you are all dandy as dandy can be and your week hasn't been too manic! What have you been up to? I've spent mine in and out of hospital appointments, I do hope it's been better than my thrilling week!


I cannot stop laughing at the first two, does that make me a bad person?

This was posted by a very lovely person on Instagram and I couldn't help but share it with you.
It's important to remember that the small things change the world.
I feel that we live in a mindset, me especially, where we think that only big things can change the world.
When actually just one smile at that stranger can start a domino effect of good in the world. Be bold, be brave but don't forget the in-betweens.

My favourite song this week is Lemaitre -  Cut To Black.
It's such an upbeat and happy song, I hope I can send those vibes to you through this video.

This music video is actually made by Sonor Films, a production company that I am the Social Media Manager for. I really wanted to share it with you because I genuinely think the music video is so well done and the transitions are just, wow.
I'd appreciate your thoughts on the song as I'd love to pass any comments on to the gang!
Have a fantastic week and see you on Saturday my lovelies! 
Well done for surviving; I know it's been snowing very badly in the North of England!

Find out why by reading my current up to date Health Diary here or click on the Health Updates tab. 
Feel free to share any words of wisdom!

Thank you for letting me fill your noggin up with my words,

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