Pick Me Up - 19 (New & Improved Make-Over)

Hello my wonderful human beings,

I hope you are all dandy on this rather windy night. I have an awful of habit at writing these at 12am on Thursdays and then posting them at 1am on Friday. I do apologise.

As you can see, I've given these weekly posts a bit of a make-over, enjoy!

I have some rather delightful vines to share with you;

 These are my favourite vines this week and I hope they make you as happy as they make me!

I feel that this is super important to find and to surround yourself with like minded positive people.
Without being yourself how do you expect to have that lovely positive vibe when you're around others?

My favourite song this week is a new release from All Time Low (- Somethings Gotta Give). I am loving 'The Walking Dead' inspired twist and the lyrics metaphors! Another hit from a band very important to me.

Have a lovely rest of the week my lovelies and well done for surviving; it's been a hectic week for me! 

Find out why by reading my current up to date Health Diary here or click on the Health Updates tab. I am determined to keep this going as I really want to share my health shenanigans with you without boring everyone with posts. 
It will be updated at least once every week so please do come back to see my progress and to perhaps share your own in the comments section there!
See you there pretty.

Best wishes for the weekend and all my love,

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