Winter Warmer - A Camel Themed Outfit (Coats, Leggings & Boots)

Hello again my pretties and thank you for dropping by!

I wish that I was well enough to post this feature earlier this week, but alas I am a poorly bunny almost everyday; it's quite fustrating.
I'm beginning to have a little stock of outfit posts and pictures behind the scenes, but the preparation for a single post is so lengthy it's unbelievable. I admire all hardcore fashion bloggers out there. 
Despite this I am now attempting to post 2 outfits a month, wish me luck!

Lipstick - Bobbi Brown Metallic Lip Colour in Jewel Red.

My first fashion post for this crisp December is a cosy cutie which keeps me ever so warm. 
I don't think I have ever worn a camel coat or camel themed outfit in my life, but this winter I am gravitating towards camel for some reason. 

Cheeky bra strap ello
Camel camel camel.

This camel coat is from Monsoon's 2011 A/W collection (or so I'm told by my mother who I may be borrowing it from..). However Monsoon have a FANTASTIC A/W14 range of coats, to see them click here, I am in need of every single one..

Does camel have any appeal to you? Do you enjoy wearing it?
I look so sleeeeeeeeeeepy (because I was whoops)

I love the simplicity of the colour. I also love that it can be used to make an outfit seem so much lighter and alive; and genuinely stand out in crowd of black coats. Ironically enough, it also compliments the autumn scene and colours of early winter so well. It felt like camouflage.

I wear leggings constantly in winter as I am simply not a fan of jeans; so I was overjoyed when I received the comfiest and warmest leggings I have ever worn in my life from Clothesminded.

 If there was a hierarchy of the best leggings to wear in winter, these would trump all.

What tops these beauties off is that the grid pattern is made of the softest velvet so wearing them quite literally feels like I'm wearing pyjamas.

Who doesn't love the idea of pyjamas that you can wear outside?!

Clothesminded currently have a £2, £4, £6 & £8 sale and receive 50% off with EVERYTHING with the code 50%OFF. An amazing lil tip from Poppy. Shop til you drop my pretties, click here to see the sale ahh.

Another item that I am wearing from Clothesminded is this delicate khaki silk blouse. Despite being so versatile, the moment I saw it I knew it'd be a perfect match with my cosy leggings.
I really enjoy the contrast of the silk, velvet and wool, this outfit is just full of texture.

I paired it (as admittedly, it being a sample item it was a little long on my short body) with my vintage Chanel belt which I found recently on Shop Hers, an amazing place to find vintage designer pieces. 
I love how the gold compliments the camel/khaki as well as obviously serving its job as a belt*. (*I have no idea how to talk belts)

But I do love how delicate it is and isn't too loud and "LOOK AT ME I'M DESIGNER"-esque, like a lot of belts can be *cough Moschino cough*.

My lovely light brown Chelsea boots are funnily enough from Peacocks of all places. I bought them AW12 when I only popped in to get some spare tights and walked out with a new pair of boots, whoops. I think this accurately describes my shopping 'personality'.

So there you have it folks, a lil 411 on my favourite winter outfit at the moment.
Comfy, warm (I'm used to freezing to death in the name of fashion BUT not this year, I am a changed man  girl.) and incredibly cute.

As my boots and coat are most likely no longer on the highstreet, I thought I would find some very similar alternatives!
1. Next - £24
2. Dorothy Perkins, House of Fraser - £50
3. Vince Camuto, House of Fraser - £95
4. Phase Eight - £65
5. H&M - £25
Accessorize - £27 (For those who want to put a camel-spin on an old coat.)
(All these boots are £35 and under, I'm a bargain hunter.)

I hope some of these are of interest or sparks your inner shopaholic. I do love New Looks boots, they seem to always have the best selection of boots in winter! Kudos New Look.

I'm turning into one of those bloggers who never smile, I do apologise.

Despite just rolling out of bed and feeling like an elephant was on top of me, I had so much fun jumping around at sunset in front of a camera.

The sunset that evening was something very special  indeed.

Photography: Harry Gadsby, Sonor Films.
Camera: Canon 600D.

I can't wait to show you all the massive amount of posts I have planned, so you shall be seeing me soon, promise.

Thank you for popp(y)ing by and reading about my liccle old life, I hope you enjoyed your stay.

Much love,

Shamelessly and failing to take a boyfriend selfie.

Mission accomplished, just.

Until next time, my friend.


  1. The sexiest camel I ever did see! Love this look, you cutie!

    1. ahaha i do try! thank you, you pretty ting aw :) all my love xxx

  2. This look is SO GORGEOUS! You are literally the loveliest lady ever, such a doll! I never venture into camel, I'm always worries it'll look a bit messy on me, but I'm definitely going to have a good scout when its time for post-christmas sales, you've inspired me now!
    I hope you're having a lovely december :)
    Bethany x

    1. AWWWW thank you for such a heart-warming response!! you do make me blush young Bethany. You really should, it's a delight to wear and you'd look marvellous I know it :) oooo there'll be so much in the sales, do keep me/us updated with any camel finds, I'd love to know!
      You too lovely! Have a fantastic day beautiful, much love xxx

  3. Replies
    1. shhhhh you! aw you ain't so bad yourself lil one, much love pretty lil katie xxx

  4. Replies
    1. aw thank you! I did think the coat was very Lauren-esque indeed :)
      wish you all the best of health today lovely xxx

  5. Lovely post! :)

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    Do it and let me know! xx

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  6. You truly are a beautiful person inside and out Poppy, never stop smiling :) xxx