Pick Me Up - 17 (New features added!)

Hello my lovelies,

I hope you're all well and this sudden burst of horrific weather isn't damping your cute lil smiles too much.
If it is then I'd recommend sticking around to read this because my oh my do I have some adorable smile-worthy vines to share.

I've been thinking of adding more structure to my blog's posts. Recently I haven't been well enough to even think about that but I wish to have much more structure to when and what I post.

I've decided that on Mondays, I post something fashion related. On Saturday's (if I'm able to), I post an experience/thoughts or DIY. On Thursdays, I obviously carry on with Pick Me Up BUT I'm going to be adding a weekly favourites feature to this. I'm going to be posting random weekly round ups, because if I've had a good week I wish to share it with you!
My favourites on the PMU posts are going to be anything, from tv shows to food; this is mainly because I wish to add a bit of beauty to my blog slowly as well.
I was not born to be a beauty blogger, beauty as much as I lust over products, doesn't appeal to me like fashion does so I wish to focus mainly on that.

Eventually I'll be able to write away like a lot of my favourite bloggers, but for now I'm building it up slowly.

What do you think? Did you do it the same way I did? Do you have any helpful tips?? I'd honestly love to know!

I'd also like to thank everyone who reads this blog.
On boxing day, it will be my blogs liccle 'anniversary' of 6 months and I've honestly come so far it amazes me. It also makes me so happy doing what I love, it's a harsh world and it was tough starting but this a joy of mine. I see this blog more as a magazine of me and wow thank you for taking the time to read even just one post, it means a lot.
It also means that I am thinking of hosting a small giveaway/competition to give back to all the lovely friends I've grown stronger bonds with and the new people in my life because of this blog!
Would you be interested?

Anyway, enough serious talk and now to show you all my favourite vines this week!

911? Yes sorry there's been a cuteness overload I require assistence

Please hurry!!!!!

Thank god they're on their way all is well!!!!

Alls well that ends well.

I am also loving The Vampire Diaries currently, yes I may have finished the first season in a week..
It's what happens when you're poorly, Netflix possesses you.
Does anyone else watch TVD? If so what season are you on?
I find it quite predictable but somehow I am still addicted so.

Another thing I'm loving again, especially this time of year is oil burners. My current favourite wax treat, is Fireside Treats from Yankee Candle.
I prefer wax tarts to candles as they produce more smell and are better value for money.
If you haven't got an oil burner I recommend getting one, so much better than candles I promise.
I am currently burning it as I write!

I'm not so much an egg fan anymore however I am aware of how good they are for you so decided to try poach eggs and I think I'm almost having one everyday!
They are absolutely perfect.
Basically a 'dippy' egg as I called them but much much easier to make.
I think people often forget that poached eggs exist.

Last but not least, I adore colourful scarves. They are so warm and cosy, as well as pretty. If you choose the right scarf, they even become a statement piece!

I've always seen scarves like this as the sort of thing my mother wears and tend to stick to woollen ones. However scarves, like this one from Clothesminded can have so much detail!
The one I am wearing here at a christmas tree festival, is covered in cameos, the silhouettes of a woman's face and I just love the uniqueness of it. 
It's so delicate, simple but classy.
Check out their sample sale for so many other unique scarves for around £2!

My favourite song this week is definitely everyone's favourite from Mariah Carey! To get you into the christmassy mood!

Have a fantastic week and weekend my friend, be safe and continue to watch cute animal vines (Remember, don't hesitate to share the cuteness with me).

All the best,

*yankee/eggs pictures are not mine and taken from google*