Weddings and Dresses and stuff

I'm one of those girls who doesn't really fantasise about their wedding.

I've never been bothered and to be honest, as cute as weddings are, I see them as not necessarily needed in a strong relationship.
I feel that a lot of people, if they're not religious, may get married so that they have that certainty that they will have a family and that secruity in the future.
So I view an engagement as more scarred and important than a marriage, as this is basically someone saying "hey let's spend the rest of our lives together". Why would you then need a marriage to confirm this?

A marriage to me is just an excuse for a pretty dress and day about you (which is pretty much what I do everyday duh).

I know that this is a huge stereotype, and I understand the history of marriage and religion etc these are important things, but I feel it's not needed so much these days. I myself probably won't be getting married until my late late 30's, maybe even 40's or at least until I have a child. I just love the idea of walking down the isle with my daughter or son.

I have also never liked the idea of wearing a plain white wedding dress, just like one that everyone wears. Yes I am one of those odd girls.

But this has changed. Kind of. I think I may have found my ideal wedding dress? Well at least an idea of what I want in the future.

I give you guys, a Ted Baker beauty:

You can find the link to this dress here, but I warn you, it is £349, £315 on Zalando.

However Ted Baker currently have a 20% off christmas sale on ALL items, simply enter 20day at checkout! Grab a few bargains like I have.

Obviously my actual wedding dress will have a lot more to it, but for some reason this dress has inspired me. Blue is also up there on my favourite colours ever list, if you know me you'll know that I pretty much wear it everyday. It's a nice feeling, loving a dress as much as this.

What do you guys think? Is it too out there? Too plain even? I'd love to know your opinion!

Stay safe my lovelies and until next time,


  1. Me too! Plain white is just not exciting enough :-P I think I'd want something white based, with coloured detailing, like rainbow butterflies or something :-D xx

    1. It really isn't! It's so boorrrrinnngg, hahahahaha that is so very you I love it! I think I'm going to have to agree with you there pretty. Rainbows all the way! Much love xxx