The Christmas Tag

So it's that time of year. Well kind of. It's that time of year where it's not quite Christmas yet BUT every store and coffee shop seems to think it is.
I've always been quite cynical and never bothered celebrating Christmas until around the 10th of December. But this year I have decided not to care, I AM GOING TO START CELEBRATING NOW!
And by celebrating, I literally just mean mentally preparing myself for everyone's Christmas traditions, tweets, songs, the whole kabang. I wish I could lighten up and try to enjoy Christmas like everyone else seems to, so this is my attempt at that.
I give you,

1. What is your favourite Christmas movie?

I genuinely like It's A Wonderful Life, I could probably watch it all years round. Although, I do like Elf, I remember actually going to see it at the cinema, so who doesn't like Elf?

2. Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Morning?

MORNING MORNING MORNING OH MY GOD EVEN SAYING THAT MAKES ME EXCITED. I don't know how you may do it, but all my family gather upstairs perhaps in my parents room, and all go downstairs at the same time. We then all patiently wait for someone to open the lounge door AND BEHOLD PRESENTS GALORE. It's the best feeling in the entire world, I love being faced by an ocean of presents.

We also sometimes open one small present on Christmas Eve that Santa's Elves have left for us to open when we get back for our festivities at night. That's also very exciting. If the Christmas Eve present is good, then I cannot fathom how good Christmas Day's presents shall be.

3. Do you have a favourite Christmas memory?

I wouldn't say that I had one favourite, in fact I have many.

The Thanks-givings we spent in New York are some of my favourite. We would stay in The Plaza hotel, opposite there is a HUGE toy store (The one with the massive floor piano in Big) and Central  Park so those memories are definitely up there.

The christmas's I spent at Primary School and there was a little letter box for Christmas cards which everyday was sorted out and the year 6s would go round and hand them out. That was the highlight of my 8 year old's life.

One of favourite Christmas's was when my whole family came down. This is the only Christmas I can remember where both sets of my grandparents, my auntie & uncle and cousins were ALL around in my house AND IT SNOWED. That was pretty special as 3 of my grandparents passed away too soon. I also like seeing family in Reading on boxing day.


My first Christmas with my boyfriend, last year, which he actually cycled up to spend time with me? This is a good 7 miles. My grandma was also around, it was lovely.

4. Favourite festival food?


5. Favourite Christmas gift?

Um health would be nice. Just kiddin'.
I once got a Tracey Island from Thunderbirds and all the characters and yeah you could say that was pretty amazing.

Father Christmas also made me a HUGEHUGE craft and creativity wooden chest. This was made for clothes but it was filled with craft things, like glitter, paint, pipecleaners, paper, funny scissors etcetctetc. It was also decorated so well and had my name painted on it. I remember getting goosebumps because I was like WOW SANTA U MADE THIS FOR ME?!?!?

6. Favourite Christmas scent?

I adore the smell of the first few days you have your fresh Christmas tree, now that is an incredible smell. I also adore the smell of burnt marshmallows, kinda Christmas-y?

7. What tops your tree?

(sexual innuendo umm) It changes each year, either a star or these beautiful little china fairies we have.

8. Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions?

We used to go see the town's christmas light competition, that was the highlight of my Eve to be honest.  Every house on this estate would turn into a magical grotto and yeah it was amazing to explore each one and eat festive hot food.
We also used to go carol singing with friends in their next door apartment house's beautiful victorian-esque garden. Beef goulash would be served, it was a merry afair.
Now we're very boring and do whatever we happen to do on the night.

9. As a kid, what was one crazy present that you wished for, but never received?

I will remember this until the day I die. I just wanted this pink barbie jet plane, so much so that on Christmas Eve I even dreamt that I received it. I never did, and 10 years later my then 6 year old sister receives it for her birthday. Favouritism much?

10. What's the best part of Christmas for you?

There is nothing better than that week before, I despise the crowds and the herds of people, but the week before, life does become very festive. My favourite favourite part is that time frame of Christmas Eve to the morning, and then boxing day. There's so much beauty within that time, so much family, food, drink, presents, surprise, friends. I feel that by 2pm the magic of Christmas tends to slow down, which is why I love boxing day because it comes whoooshhinng back!
I also love it whenever someone opens a present I've bought them, it's so fulfilling seeing them pleasantly surprised and maybe even overjoyed!

I don't want to say Happy Christmas, so I shan't, yet.

I hope you enjoyed hearing about how I spend my Christmas, how do you spend yours?
Do we have any similarities? I tag alllll those who feel like they need a boost to get into the 'Christmas spirit', it sorta works?

All my love,


  1. I SO enjoyed doing this, feeling even more christmassy then I thought was possible. Thanks for tagging me you lovely person! I love Christmas Eve- Boxing day as well, so magical!
    Hope you have a lovely thursday,
    Bethany x

  2. Hello you pretty thing! SO did I? I honestly had doubts but it does work wowowow! n'awww anytime, you're one of my faves how can I not :) They are the best bits about christmas, everyone always forgets boxing day!
    Thank you!!
    Have a great weekend beautiful bethany :)