Poppy and a Poppy Field (Tower of London)

Hello my friends!

As it's the 11th of November, I decided now would be a fantastic time to take a moment to appreciate the current installation of ceramic poppies at the Tower of London. It is in remembrance of the fallen during the Great War as it's the anniversary of 100 years.

My family and I are developing a tradition of exploring different areas of London together in each holiday, perfect family time. This half term we chose to explore the Tower of London and the small area surrounding it. I shan't go into too much about how else we spent the day (would you like a separate post as there's so many pretty pictures?) but the core of our day was to see these stunning poppies.

And they were so utterly worth it.

I've realised that there's probably a lot of people, despite it seeming that everyone has, who haven't been able to see this piece of art before it's taken down. So here's a little glimpse or tour if you will!

There are 90,000 ceramic poppies around the green and even up the walls of the Tower of London. The last poppy was put down today, Remembrance Day.

Admittedly, I don't know that many facts about them (which you can probably find online) however I'm in love with the significance. Not only does it look like a sea of blood, signifying those killed, poppies were the only thing found growing after the war in areas that battles took place such as the Somme, making the emotions hit home.
 The fact that poppies grow in disturbed ground, also gives me motivation to live up to this.

Although many of my family members fought in the great war, none were killed. Our family were some of the lucky few.

Because my family are so respectful of the wars because of symbols present in our lives, I personally don't feel the need to celebrate Remembrance Day to the extent I used to.

This is because I frankly do remember and think of those who sacrificed themselves for our future at least 3 or 4 times a week. There have been times in my life where I've wanted to thank every single soul who fought. I've also wanted to comfort every soul and their loved ones who sacrificed themselves to better their country, even when it's not my own. So these poppies, I feel, are a way of showing those emotions and expressing them; because words begin to lose meaning sometimes.

 I am a pacifist, and I've found it hard to ever support wars and I face a horrid dilemma when people say to me "so you don't support the troops?!". I honestly do, I am aware that they are out there for people like me to carry on their daily business uninterrupted. I appreciate that, a safe future is an incredible gift, one I could never give back. 

However I don't support the concept of war, but I am aware that it is needed to keep the vulnerable safe.

Traitor's Gate. People such as Anne Boleyn, have been taken through here and never returned!

After we had finished the walk around, (feeling like a sardine in a tin with a HUGE crowd) the sun was setting and it was excellent.

We also found another piece of art in memory of those who sacrificed themselves in all wars in the Katherine Docks nearby. It was truly breathtaking and worth seeing.

Funny enough, I accidentally wore a red outfit and matched the poppies perfectly!

Hat - See A/W post. Red chiffon top - Misguided. Skirt - New Look. Jacket - Thrifted. Bag - Mulberry.

I hope you enjoyed a peak into my day at London! I had a wonderful day and I got up to lots more but I decided to focus on the amazing art piece at the Tower of London as it deserves appreciation.

All my love and stay safe my lovelies,


  1. Beautiful post Poppy and stunning photography. The one of the sun shining through the art installation with the dove is breathtaking. You're right we shouldn't just remember on the 11/11. Being born on rememberance Sunday I used to get called Poppy. Especially by my grandad. He passed away when I was 10 and I put a poppy in his grave. So having a birthday around that time can be bittersweet.
    P.S It took me ages to work out the significance of your name. Brain fog!

    1. Thank you so much Sian! I really appreciate your lovely words. Isn't it just? It felt incredibly surreal! Oh my gosh wow I never realised your birthday was on Remembrance!! That day is just made 10x more special :) awwwwwwww that is so touching, wow. Thank you for sharing that with me and your thoughts, they really are so delightful :)
      hahahaha that's absolutely fine! I find it pretty cool!

      Stafe safe and all my love xxx

  2. A lot of photos of the poppies at the Tower of London have popped up on my social media feeds recently but I think these may be the best. Beautiful photography! I think so many people have been to see it as a spectacle and forgotten the real significance of the poppies. It's great to read about how you really appreciated the meaning attached to them.


    1. I've found this too over social media the last few days and that's really what gave me inspiration to write this! I've seen a lot of people take a picture or go because it's 'what everyones doing', I really hope that's not the case as that's rather sad. I don't want the meaning to get lost.

      It's so lovely to hear that you appreciate my words and photography, wow that really is the ultimate compliment wowowow thank you. Photography means the world to me :)

      Have a fantastic day sweetpea, lots of love xxx