Pick Me Up - 13

I had one of those moments, where you're about to sleep and then your brain goes NOOOOO STOOOOPPPP YOU HAVENT DONE *insert annoying thing you forgot*.

And yes it was to write my weekly Pick Me Up post.

So therefore, I am making this a quickie (shh you and your dirty thoughts). 

My quote this week is this incredible quote, like who doesn't want to be extra sparkly?!?!

My favourite vine this week is this FANTASTIC one. I keep watching it with the caption 'sliding into your dms like' and I laugh every time.

My favourite song this week would have to be this beautiful song from Bombay Bicycle Club, who I am seeing next month!! It's probably not for everyone, but it's so relaxing.

Thank you for reading my pretty and I hope you're well. I'm popping off to bed now because I am e x h a u s t e d. (from doing nothing all day duh)

All my love,


  1. THAT quote tho *bows down* blessss
    I love that song!



    1. I think I need that quote tattooed on my face! Hahahah omg. It's so lovely isn't it?! gosh I love that band!
      Much love pretties,