Cute A/W14 Outfit (Let's Talk Capes, Fur & Hats)

Hello my friendiclious friends,

I hope you all had spectacular bonfire night!
As you can see I couldn't really come up with a more original title for this piece, but I guess it's pretty self-explanatory; me posing more than an Instagram model with an adorable outfit on. I guess that would have been a better title.

I have noticed a huge sudden trend in capes recently (thanks Burberry); so I'm particularly glad that I picked this beautiful fur-lined tassled cape up from Paris back in September because admittedly I am yet to love any over here as much as I love this liccle thing. It was definitely love at first sight when my eyes first spotted it's delicate fur however I was worried that as much as I loved it, I wouldn't get much use out it. 

If you live in Britain, you will know that when winter strikes, it strikes hard. One day it's sunny then BAM gloomy never ending pitch black arctic days that go on for eternity (Not to depress all my Brits, I do apologise, it's the harsh truth of this country). As soon as this happens, you don't muck around, the thick lined coats, boots and 972462368 layers are on to save yourself from developing pneumonia.
So I honestly didn't think that I'd get much use out of it as come October, this usually has already happened.

But boy haven't we been blessed with the weather recently?! What is this, the Bahamas?! 19c at end of October and beginning of November. You're pulling my British leg. (That's bikini weather for us alrighty? I can hear all the Aussies laughing)

Of course there are still chilly spells where you need a layer to go out and this has been serving me nicely. I've lost count of how many times I've worn it in the last month. 
Capes really are the key to coping in trans-seasonal weather.
They're incredibly cosy, it's basically putting a pretty blanket around you, how can you wrong with that?! 
A blanket that's acceptable to wear out in the real world?
I'll take 20.

If you wish to purchase this, please note that I did buy this from C&A (25 euros), which is only available in France or online. However I've dug out some that are similar to make up for this tragic situation.
1. Faux Fur Cape (£25, 
2. Myleene Klass Fur Trimmed Camel Cape (£26,
3. Hot Celeb Womens Cape Ladies Fur Trim Hood Cape (£17.99,
4. New Look (£30)
5. Agnes Faux Fur Cape (£30,
6. Wallis Neutral Faux Fur Wrap (£25, House of Fraser)
7. Wallis Black Faux Fur Wrap (£25, House of Fraser)

 * * * * * * * * *

1. Navy Check Tartan Cape (£18, River Island)
2. Red Check Tartan Cape (£18, River Island)
3. Blonde & Blonde, Aztec Fur Cape (£25, Bank Fashion)
4. Blonde & Blonde, Aztec Fur Cape (£25, Bank Fashion)
< 5. Tartan Cape with Faux Fur Collar (£27.50,

If you're not so much a fan of faux fur then I also took the liberty of finding different pattern designs, all these below are from one of my current favourite online boutiques  > Dolly Daydream < Click here to find the capes shown below. None of their current Coats & Jackets selection is above £40, and I think that's a sign of a huge bargain.


Moving on to my ever so wonderful hat. You're going to get sick of me saying this, but yes this is again from C&A, Paris.
I am incredibly picky with hats, I can never convince myself that I suit them, however this beautiful specimen seemed to feel 'right' when wearing it; and I don't often feel 'right' when wearing hats. Those who struggle with hat anxiety (ok maybe it's not a real thing) will understand that feeling. I have never felt as 'right' when wearing a trilby hat before and it is a glorious feeling, and very practical for bad hair days.   
As my hat is probably unavailable to most, unless you're to find it online, I have found some pretty alternatives for your hat-tastic trilby-tastic self.

1. Larid Super  Stingy Trilby (£16,
2. Missguided Nulka Black Floral Trilby Hat (£12,
3. Pull & Bear Straw Trilby (£7.50,
4. Faux Leather Trilby Hat in Black (£7.95,
5. Wool Felt Trilby Hat, in Grey, Red and Blue (£24,
6. Felt Trilby Hat (£25,
7. Grey Contrast Trilby (£13, New Look)
Aren't those tassels fantastic!

Now let's talk gloves. And a horse's head.

 Have a guess at where they're from! Ding ding ding, we have a winner, yes they're from C&A. 
I'd been looking for a pair of fur lined gloves for winter and it just so happened that they match the fur of my cape AND the colour of my hat, every perfectionist's dream.
I feel like when I have this colour coordinated assemble on, I have at least 75% of my life together.
I think what I like most about the gloves and hat is that they're grey. I don't like to wear grey as I feel like it drowns me out a bit and I look like a pale *princess* vampire, however I ADORE grey. It's not completely black nor do you have to wear it in fear that it may mark like white, it is a perfect medium. I don't think it gets enough credit. 
Anyway, I tend to stick to only grey accessories as a compromise, so this really is a treat for me!

Here are some beautiful, but pricey, similar gloves to mine. These are £69 from Ted Baker!

I find myself raiding my mother's shoe collection for boots in A/W as she seems to have a never-ending collection. These boots are from 'mummy' couture and I believe they are from Crew.

I also very much enjoyed styling a summer dress underneath the cape. I don't believe that summer dresses are just for summer, I think that there are ways to wear them all year round; so I decided to wear one with this outfit.

Well a playsuit in this case.. (Navy/White hearts - New Look)

This marvellously long post is drawing to a close now, so thank you for taking the time to read this, whether you skimmed read it or not it means a lot.

This was shot in an area in the New Forest near where I live. These are all different and very real horses let lose around the roads, towns and forest. It's very cool, if you're ever near the New Forest hit me up.

No horses were harmed in the making of this film
This is my second post of an outfit (you can read the first post here) I'm going to be trying to do one a month at least; despite being so fun they take an incredibly long time to write and put together (3 weeks *phewww*).

[Photography: Harry Gadsby, Sonor Films]

I hope it's not too lengthy and please tell me your honest opinion as the feedback from last time helped so much! 

Again, thank you and all my love my little cherubs!

Until next time,

Out takes:

I'm sorry I don't even know what obnoxious pose that is

Please note: The use of this is sarcastic.


  1. I loveeee this outfit Poppy! You look wonderfully wonderful! I LOVE the horse photos too, so cute!

    Lotsa love H-E

    1. Aw thank you beautiful lil Hayley (-Eszti, is bad that I always refer to you as Hayley in my head??)!!! I absolutely adore it :) gawwwhhhhh how cute are you!! I really appreciate your sweet words and I shall pass on that to the photographer!
      I hope you're as well as can be,
      all my love pretty! xxx

  2. You look amazing! Totally gorgeous! Would love to see a post on your a/w make up/everyday make up! Keep up the good blogging work my love :) Chloe xx

    1. aw chloooooooo you do flatter me! What kind words, thank you :) I'm so tempted to do that, thank you for the suggestion, I really love suggested posts, it boosts my motivation!
      You too beautiful, I'm loving your recent posts!!
      much love sweetpea xxx

  3. You look stunning and I am in love with that cape. Wearable blankets are the best thing to happen in the fashion world.
    Beth x
    Mermaid in Disguise

    1. Isn't the cape marvellous! Thank you, you pretty thing you! *also the best thing to happen in the spoonie fashion world hahahah,

      lots of love cutie xxx

  4. I've never seen anyone who suits red lipstick as well as you do! You're gorgeous!


    1. hahaha I've seen plenty but wowow thank you, I've never had that much confidence wearing it! You are honestly a sweetheart, much love!xxx