Christmas Jumper Showdown - 1

Hello you beautiful being you, and thank you for popping by!

I am unfortunately rather unwell today thus annoyingly only been able to write a small post.
I haven't put my full amount of effort into this so I shall probably make this 1 of 2, because hey who doesn't love christmas jumpers?!

The reason I am writing this post is because each year I find it so hard to find the perfect christmas jumper, as you can imagine I am rather picky and like to stick to traditional designs.

And this time has come round again! The christmas jumper shopping has commenced.

Which brand do you think is doing the best designs this year?

(click the brand's name to visit their site)

All these jumpers ranged from £20-£35, and believe it or not Lipsy seems to be the cheapest!

These are just a small selection, but which are your favourites?
My favourites are the blue one from New Look (which I may have to purchase..) and the black one from River Island.

I am simply loving the huge variety this year, isn't it brilliant?

Stay tuned for more jumpers soon!

All my love and happy christmas jumper shopping!


  1. I love the selection from Lipsy the best!

  2. Get well soon Poppy! We send you all the love!
    Our fave ones are the River Island's ones!


    1. aw thank you so much you two! Lots of love pretties!
      Ahh aren't they great? I like the this is not a christmas jumper especially :) xxx

  3. I think it's quite unique! I like the reindeer one from Lipsy especially :)xxx

  4. I love love love christmas jumpers/ anything to do with christmas. I think if I had to pick out of these I'd go with the River Island ones... Although I have to say I'm a bit of a sucker for Primarks xmad jumpers!

    Alice x