Hello hello hello my lovelies,

I hope you are all jolly on this fine, almost winter's, evening.

This is not really much of an exciting well thought out post today BUT I wanted to tell you guys to keep your eyes open this week, today and especially tomorrow as I have Black Friday/week shopping. I can shamelessly say that I have 4 parcels arriving tomorrow because yes I have been dragged into that marvellous sale.
Boohoo were doing free next day delivery ok.
Amazon have 3 paperbacks fo £10.
ASOS have a 20% code tomorrow.
Even Genoa has 30% off their two pieces.


So I'd take the time to ask if anyone has any tips or knows of any amazing sales and by my command you shall share them with us. We're all in this together.

I may like in the UK but I am not missing out on these sales.


I am loving this quote this week, so I wish to share it's wisdom with all of you. I hope it helps at least one person.

I literally can't get over this vine. It makes me so happy.
Oh Kaiser.

Okay so I know that this song won't be to a lot of people's taste, but I feel like listening to these brings back the 2 years I dedicated my life to punk. wow they're also amazing and make me want to dance EVERYWHERE how can I not share that?! All covered by We Came As Romans.

Have a fantastic weekend and week my pretty lil tingz,

all my love,

The Christmas Tag

So it's that time of year. Well kind of. It's that time of year where it's not quite Christmas yet BUT every store and coffee shop seems to think it is.
I've always been quite cynical and never bothered celebrating Christmas until around the 10th of December. But this year I have decided not to care, I AM GOING TO START CELEBRATING NOW!
And by celebrating, I literally just mean mentally preparing myself for everyone's Christmas traditions, tweets, songs, the whole kabang. I wish I could lighten up and try to enjoy Christmas like everyone else seems to, so this is my attempt at that.
I give you,

1. What is your favourite Christmas movie?

I genuinely like It's A Wonderful Life, I could probably watch it all years round. Although, I do like Elf, I remember actually going to see it at the cinema, so who doesn't like Elf?

2. Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Morning?

MORNING MORNING MORNING OH MY GOD EVEN SAYING THAT MAKES ME EXCITED. I don't know how you may do it, but all my family gather upstairs perhaps in my parents room, and all go downstairs at the same time. We then all patiently wait for someone to open the lounge door AND BEHOLD PRESENTS GALORE. It's the best feeling in the entire world, I love being faced by an ocean of presents.

We also sometimes open one small present on Christmas Eve that Santa's Elves have left for us to open when we get back for our festivities at night. That's also very exciting. If the Christmas Eve present is good, then I cannot fathom how good Christmas Day's presents shall be.

3. Do you have a favourite Christmas memory?

I wouldn't say that I had one favourite, in fact I have many.

The Thanks-givings we spent in New York are some of my favourite. We would stay in The Plaza hotel, opposite there is a HUGE toy store (The one with the massive floor piano in Big) and Central  Park so those memories are definitely up there.

The christmas's I spent at Primary School and there was a little letter box for Christmas cards which everyday was sorted out and the year 6s would go round and hand them out. That was the highlight of my 8 year old's life.

One of favourite Christmas's was when my whole family came down. This is the only Christmas I can remember where both sets of my grandparents, my auntie & uncle and cousins were ALL around in my house AND IT SNOWED. That was pretty special as 3 of my grandparents passed away too soon. I also like seeing family in Reading on boxing day.


My first Christmas with my boyfriend, last year, which he actually cycled up to spend time with me? This is a good 7 miles. My grandma was also around, it was lovely.

4. Favourite festival food?


5. Favourite Christmas gift?

Um health would be nice. Just kiddin'.
I once got a Tracey Island from Thunderbirds and all the characters and yeah you could say that was pretty amazing.

Father Christmas also made me a HUGEHUGE craft and creativity wooden chest. This was made for clothes but it was filled with craft things, like glitter, paint, pipecleaners, paper, funny scissors etcetctetc. It was also decorated so well and had my name painted on it. I remember getting goosebumps because I was like WOW SANTA U MADE THIS FOR ME?!?!?

6. Favourite Christmas scent?

I adore the smell of the first few days you have your fresh Christmas tree, now that is an incredible smell. I also adore the smell of burnt marshmallows, kinda Christmas-y?

7. What tops your tree?

(sexual innuendo umm) It changes each year, either a star or these beautiful little china fairies we have.

8. Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions?

We used to go see the town's christmas light competition, that was the highlight of my Eve to be honest.  Every house on this estate would turn into a magical grotto and yeah it was amazing to explore each one and eat festive hot food.
We also used to go carol singing with friends in their next door apartment house's beautiful victorian-esque garden. Beef goulash would be served, it was a merry afair.
Now we're very boring and do whatever we happen to do on the night.

9. As a kid, what was one crazy present that you wished for, but never received?

I will remember this until the day I die. I just wanted this pink barbie jet plane, so much so that on Christmas Eve I even dreamt that I received it. I never did, and 10 years later my then 6 year old sister receives it for her birthday. Favouritism much?

10. What's the best part of Christmas for you?

There is nothing better than that week before, I despise the crowds and the herds of people, but the week before, life does become very festive. My favourite favourite part is that time frame of Christmas Eve to the morning, and then boxing day. There's so much beauty within that time, so much family, food, drink, presents, surprise, friends. I feel that by 2pm the magic of Christmas tends to slow down, which is why I love boxing day because it comes whoooshhinng back!
I also love it whenever someone opens a present I've bought them, it's so fulfilling seeing them pleasantly surprised and maybe even overjoyed!

I don't want to say Happy Christmas, so I shan't, yet.

I hope you enjoyed hearing about how I spend my Christmas, how do you spend yours?
Do we have any similarities? I tag alllll those who feel like they need a boost to get into the 'Christmas spirit', it sorta works?

All my love,

Pick Me Up - 15

Hello my friends!

I hope you are all well, I do miss ranting away to you all.

I am rather upset, I've been messing around with my blog layout (I know have sections and themes in the side bar!) and now all my posts are messed up, sad face :( A post I did months ago is now at the top, what a disaster! (well it is in the blogging world ok). Anyone know how to fix this? I'd appreciate a more experienced bloggers help, whoops!


back to my happy and jolly weekly post!

I am in love with my quote this week because it's the most honest thing I have seen in a while.
I am very aware that I am a mere 18 year old, alas I am not as ancient as 21 yet, but I can still relate to this.

At 14 my world sort of fell apart, and now I'm 18, I'm alive and I'm okay. I maybe still having a rough time, but it gets better. It's not as bad as it was, and that's probably because I've learnt how to deal with things better. I think that's really important. 

I have these moments a lot at the moment, do any of you? They're incredibly nostalgic!

I feel like literally the worst person for finding these two vines funny, but I'm going to show you guys anyway:

For my song this week, I've actually chosen a song that everyone will know anyway. But what the heck it's a frickin' good song to bust a move to, so who cares?


I hope you all have a fantastic week and I'll see ya'll soon!

Stay safe and happy,

Pick Me Up - 6 (feat. Results Day)

I'm getting into a bad habit of posting these at 1am on Thursdays, I mean that's only an hour out that's not tooooo bad right???
Words can't even begin to describe how hectic my summer has been. I genuinely thought I'd have more time to blog, but boy was I wrong.
Oh well, Hump Day Pick Me Up.
I personally prefer it, but it will always have its roots in the meaning of a good ol' Hump Day.

Gosh that sounds emotional.

I visited a groovy cafe in my nearby town (with an old friend who was visiting from Germany) which had quotes plastered allllllll over the walls. Ceiling to floor with quotes after quotes. I thought to myself "well Hump Day Pick Me Up is pretty much sorted this week". Totes inspirational.

But no, I thought I'd direct my quote this week towards those, who like me, are receiving their dreaded exam results soon (tomorrow).

"Note to self: every time you were convinced you couldn't go on, you did."

I think this incredibly important for those who receive the exam results that they didn't particularly want. I know that I'm not going to get the grades of ABB which were predicted for my ALevels in 2012. For starters, I'm only receiving 2 grades as I'm completing my other ALevel next year.
Last year, for my AS results I received CCC (I dropped an AS due to health). However when I first opened the letter I received an E for one subject. Luckily this was because, mentioning no names *cough OCR cough*, forgot to mark an entire paper I took (one in which I got a B in apparently, whilst with shingles/chronic illnesses *hair flick*).
Before you panic when you see a mark you did not expect please please always see if you can get it remarked before you jump to conclusions. Just a tip from me to you. I had many sleepless teary eyed nights before I realised I could get it remarked. I do all hope you get the grades you need, however if not please remember that it's not the end of the world. I have a flare for the dramatic, but when it comes to getting a bad result I tend to have a mental breakdown there and then. I'm praying I handle my failure tomorrow better but let's just say I don't handle bad results too well; to the point where I think it's the end of me, earth, the human race and the universe all together. It engulfs me, and if you are like me, I wish to remind you (with the help of that quote) that life continues. Despite a disappointing mark. 
You're going to be okay, your life will move on, good things will still come to you even if you get a U.
Smile, take it with a pinch of salt, be aware of your back up plans and carry on.

Unfortunately I can't link a song as I'm on my phone (nor a video for that matter! Will do later) but I've chosen the classic, All The Small Things - Blink 182. Purely because I think that this song will be needed by a lot of fellow students to either celebrate to or try cheer up. It works both ways.

Thanks for tuning in sunshines, you'll hear more from me soon.
I hope you're all well,

Poppy x

Pick Me Up - 7

Hello my beautiful lil rays of sunshine!

I've had this post written for a few days, so I guess it's time to post. I just want to let you all know that I appreicate the feedback I've been given about my blog since my post 'Update'. 
It's given me so much more motivation and more confidence to answer comments (once I'm able to be on my laptop whoops). So thank you, behind the screen is simply a petrifed social anxiety filled girl, it really boosts me.

So I think my quote for this week, is incredibly accurate.

I have grown up surrounded by people who constantly congratulate me on achievements etc, however when I became ill that changed. Obviously I am still motivated/congratulated, but for different things. I think this is important as I don't often get 'credit' for facing the world like I do everyday. I feel as if this quote can literally go out to anyone who's a bit "I've been trying my hardest for a while now, has ANYONE noticed this?!". I wish there was an adjective.

Whilst doing my ALevels, the only person who gave me credit for my (impossibly) hard work, was sometimes family members. I was missing all my lessons, my teachers had no idea that I was working my arse off behind the scenes. When I received my good grades in August, they were astonished. They didn't even think I would pass.

Never stop achieving your best because you think no ones noticing your hard work.

My lil funny spot this week, is this hilarious vine. Something that my own boyfriend has been guilty of doing to me. I can feel the fustration of the iPhone addicts. 

And last, but not least, I've left this week's cheery music til last, because it is simply worth savouring.
This is an original song written by Summer Bain and Emily Middlemas (right to left).
Now I am not one to search original toonz on YouTube, but I happened to stumble across these two on Instagram (stalkin' sesh) a week ago.
It is not my normal sort of thing, but it is juicy and very pleasing to the ear. I'm no music pro, but their voices compliment each other so well.

Emily Middlemas (15 y/o), is in fact on this years XFactor. Her audition was shown last Sunday, and I believe she maybe past bootcamp, but then again, I maybe wrong. I do think that we will be hearing a lot from Miss Middlemas over the next year, so do look out for her. (@EmilyMiddlemas_)

I do have a soft spot for them both, as like me, they are both Scottish so..

All the best of health and love my lovelies,

Pick Me Up - 12 (+ small announcement)

Hello boys & girls!

A quick PMU this week as I have a hugeeeeeeee post being uploaded Thursday, hence why PMU is a little early this week! Stay tuned for this huge post (I've worked my arse off for) and enjoy!

I love this quote, I've spent a good 7 years of my 18 year life span loathing everything about myself. In the past year I have poured more love into myself than ever before and I am doing things I thought I'd never do. I even have a new job as a local radio station's PR and marketing advertising girl! How fabulous is that. 
Accept yourself, let yourself grow, amazing things happen.

This is my absolute favourite vine this week, I've been waiting all week to share it! IT MAKES ME FEEL LIKE A GODESS 

[Vine has been deleted due to a technical fault]

I've rekindled my love for this song massively over the weekend, and whether you're new to it or not I hope you love it just as much as me! Red Hot Chili Peppers - Can't Stop.

Watch my social media for my whooppaa of a post this week!

All my love,

Christmas Jumper Showdown - 1

Hello you beautiful being you, and thank you for popping by!

I am unfortunately rather unwell today thus annoyingly only been able to write a small post.
I haven't put my full amount of effort into this so I shall probably make this 1 of 2, because hey who doesn't love christmas jumpers?!

The reason I am writing this post is because each year I find it so hard to find the perfect christmas jumper, as you can imagine I am rather picky and like to stick to traditional designs.

And this time has come round again! The christmas jumper shopping has commenced.

Which brand do you think is doing the best designs this year?

(click the brand's name to visit their site)

All these jumpers ranged from £20-£35, and believe it or not Lipsy seems to be the cheapest!

These are just a small selection, but which are your favourites?
My favourites are the blue one from New Look (which I may have to purchase..) and the black one from River Island.

I am simply loving the huge variety this year, isn't it brilliant?

Stay tuned for more jumpers soon!

All my love and happy christmas jumper shopping!

Weddings and Dresses and stuff

I'm one of those girls who doesn't really fantasise about their wedding.

I've never been bothered and to be honest, as cute as weddings are, I see them as not necessarily needed in a strong relationship.
I feel that a lot of people, if they're not religious, may get married so that they have that certainty that they will have a family and that secruity in the future.
So I view an engagement as more scarred and important than a marriage, as this is basically someone saying "hey let's spend the rest of our lives together". Why would you then need a marriage to confirm this?

A marriage to me is just an excuse for a pretty dress and day about you (which is pretty much what I do everyday duh).

I know that this is a huge stereotype, and I understand the history of marriage and religion etc these are important things, but I feel it's not needed so much these days. I myself probably won't be getting married until my late late 30's, maybe even 40's or at least until I have a child. I just love the idea of walking down the isle with my daughter or son.

I have also never liked the idea of wearing a plain white wedding dress, just like one that everyone wears. Yes I am one of those odd girls.

But this has changed. Kind of. I think I may have found my ideal wedding dress? Well at least an idea of what I want in the future.

I give you guys, a Ted Baker beauty:

You can find the link to this dress here, but I warn you, it is £349, £315 on Zalando.

However Ted Baker currently have a 20% off christmas sale on ALL items, simply enter 20day at checkout! Grab a few bargains like I have.

Obviously my actual wedding dress will have a lot more to it, but for some reason this dress has inspired me. Blue is also up there on my favourite colours ever list, if you know me you'll know that I pretty much wear it everyday. It's a nice feeling, loving a dress as much as this.

What do you guys think? Is it too out there? Too plain even? I'd love to know your opinion!

Stay safe my lovelies and until next time,

Pick Me Up - 13

I had one of those moments, where you're about to sleep and then your brain goes NOOOOO STOOOOPPPP YOU HAVENT DONE *insert annoying thing you forgot*.

And yes it was to write my weekly Pick Me Up post.

So therefore, I am making this a quickie (shh you and your dirty thoughts). 

My quote this week is this incredible quote, like who doesn't want to be extra sparkly?!?!

My favourite vine this week is this FANTASTIC one. I keep watching it with the caption 'sliding into your dms like' and I laugh every time.

My favourite song this week would have to be this beautiful song from Bombay Bicycle Club, who I am seeing next month!! It's probably not for everyone, but it's so relaxing.

Thank you for reading my pretty and I hope you're well. I'm popping off to bed now because I am e x h a u s t e d. (from doing nothing all day duh)

All my love,

Poppy and a Poppy Field (Tower of London)

Hello my friends!

As it's the 11th of November, I decided now would be a fantastic time to take a moment to appreciate the current installation of ceramic poppies at the Tower of London. It is in remembrance of the fallen during the Great War as it's the anniversary of 100 years.

My family and I are developing a tradition of exploring different areas of London together in each holiday, perfect family time. This half term we chose to explore the Tower of London and the small area surrounding it. I shan't go into too much about how else we spent the day (would you like a separate post as there's so many pretty pictures?) but the core of our day was to see these stunning poppies.

And they were so utterly worth it.

I've realised that there's probably a lot of people, despite it seeming that everyone has, who haven't been able to see this piece of art before it's taken down. So here's a little glimpse or tour if you will!

There are 90,000 ceramic poppies around the green and even up the walls of the Tower of London. The last poppy was put down today, Remembrance Day.

Admittedly, I don't know that many facts about them (which you can probably find online) however I'm in love with the significance. Not only does it look like a sea of blood, signifying those killed, poppies were the only thing found growing after the war in areas that battles took place such as the Somme, making the emotions hit home.
 The fact that poppies grow in disturbed ground, also gives me motivation to live up to this.

Although many of my family members fought in the great war, none were killed. Our family were some of the lucky few.

Because my family are so respectful of the wars because of symbols present in our lives, I personally don't feel the need to celebrate Remembrance Day to the extent I used to.

This is because I frankly do remember and think of those who sacrificed themselves for our future at least 3 or 4 times a week. There have been times in my life where I've wanted to thank every single soul who fought. I've also wanted to comfort every soul and their loved ones who sacrificed themselves to better their country, even when it's not my own. So these poppies, I feel, are a way of showing those emotions and expressing them; because words begin to lose meaning sometimes.

 I am a pacifist, and I've found it hard to ever support wars and I face a horrid dilemma when people say to me "so you don't support the troops?!". I honestly do, I am aware that they are out there for people like me to carry on their daily business uninterrupted. I appreciate that, a safe future is an incredible gift, one I could never give back. 

However I don't support the concept of war, but I am aware that it is needed to keep the vulnerable safe.

Traitor's Gate. People such as Anne Boleyn, have been taken through here and never returned!

After we had finished the walk around, (feeling like a sardine in a tin with a HUGE crowd) the sun was setting and it was excellent.

We also found another piece of art in memory of those who sacrificed themselves in all wars in the Katherine Docks nearby. It was truly breathtaking and worth seeing.

Funny enough, I accidentally wore a red outfit and matched the poppies perfectly!

Hat - See A/W post. Red chiffon top - Misguided. Skirt - New Look. Jacket - Thrifted. Bag - Mulberry.

I hope you enjoyed a peak into my day at London! I had a wonderful day and I got up to lots more but I decided to focus on the amazing art piece at the Tower of London as it deserves appreciation.

All my love and stay safe my lovelies,