The iPhone 5c Case Struggle

Hello pretties!

Today's post is very different, but I thought it'd be incredibly handy for those with an iPhone 5c.
If you have an iPhone 5c, like myself, you'll know how hard it can sometimes be to find decent cases for your phone. So I've done a bit of research, and found beautiful cases that fit the iPhone 5c!

My favourite iPhone 5c cases on the market at the moment are Skinnydip London's.  They're around £12 to £18 and although pricey, they are so beautiful and make such a statement.

I love love love Kate Spade, so when I saw her current iPhone cases, I obviously feel in love with them also. And aren't they just the sweetest?!

I prefer simple and clear perspex iPhone cases personally, so this Hello Sunshine case is pretty much made for me. Although the the clear glitter case on the right is beautiful, I can't currently find it on the site, but it is SO pretty! Bitches love glitter.

If you remember my Florida 2013 trip, you'll know that I adored the State's store, Hot Topic. That store just gets me, you know? I found this cute ass case from there, it's the silhouette of mermaids and fishys! It's little mermaid inspired and I think I'm definitely going to have to get it.

I think Etsy is one of the greatest sites in the world, I swear you can find more incredible stuff there than eBay? So it makes sense for them to do amazing cases!
The Bastille and red aztec (however you can find this here at Nordstrom (Trina Turk Snap Case for iPhone 5C Soleil Orange) are currently unavailable, although there are many similar, for ones similar to the daisy or make up set one click on the links!

I see eBay as my constant back up for iPhone cases, I no longer turn to Amazon. Reason being that the average price range for some of the iPhone 5c cases are 99p-£3.99, which is a bit of a no brainer. I have a habit of buying a good few in one go.
To go to to each pictures site, click the picture or number next to it and it should take you right there!

6. (This is where I bought my Paris case from)

I would love to have done waaaayyy more research as it was so much fun and I now have a wishlist as long as my 5ft2 self, but one must pop. 
Thank you for taking the time to read my pretty lil human, I hope you now have a wishlist too.

Stay safe and beautiful,

P.S. I maybe bombarding you with posts this week, also Halloween themed, stay tuned like a [RAD]io

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