Polaroid or Polagram?

Hello beautiful humans!

As some of you may perhaps noticed on here, or even my Instagram, is that I take photos non-stop.

And I kid you not, I really do take photos non-stop. So much so that I'm constantly deleting Twitter and any app that is not needed at least once a day for just a bit more memory on my phone. That's not too bad right? Um..

Anyway, my point is that I have far too many pictures for my own good and nothing to do with them.

I also have a deep deep love for Polaroid pictures, they are beautiful and perfect for catching a moment.
However pretty much all the polaroid cameras on the market tend to be bulky, I mean how the hell do people carry those things around. They're cute as hell, but not practical.
They're also annoying in the way that you have to carry film around with you and buy more film, I just don't think that caters to my photo-taking obsession.

My solution to my ever so horrific problem?
*Drum roll*


Quite literally pushing any thought of ever buying a polaroid into the water.

In August, I know this is forever ago, please don't judge, I received a beautiful lil pink package through my door.

This lil package was in fact from Polagram and contained many pictures like so;

I picked out my favourite pretty ones! Which ones your favourite?

A total of 23 photos arrived for me (within two days of ordering) for just £5.* Now, I see this as a huge bargain, I mean these prints are bigger than my palm. Plus I took every picture on my iPhone 5C and the quality is insane.

I am especially in love with the quotes I selected, they just go to show that you can literally turn anything into a polaroid with this app.

I can't wait to take pictures off tumblr and make them into cute polaroids!

I think that this app is definitely a solution for those who cannot afford to buy and then further spend money on maintaining a polaroid camera. It is just so quick and easy to use, simply select the type of print that you want off your camera roll, (Yes! There are more options, phone cases and a variety of size prints!) upload the pictures you have selected to their server (takes seconds), pay and BAM two days later (or less), they're at your door!
As much as I love the standard size print, this is definitely my new favourite thing.

Find Polagram on the app store (if you already haven't already) and please do show me any prints you may get, I'd love to see them!
Use my code PGD935DU to receive money off your order and credits!

All my love and have a fantastic day my pretties,

*Thank you so much Alix at Polagram for crediting me with free delivery for this order.*

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