Pick Me Up - 9 (yes I missed 9 out)

Hello my lovelies,

I didn't realise that I had left out 9 until a week later, nice one Poppy.
I'm going to make this a quick blog post due to feeling rather poorly this evening, but I'll make it enjoyable as possible (like always duh).

I like this quote and I'm trying to apply it to my life right now. I filmed my first youtube video today, or part of it, and I can't wait to put that up next week! It's taken me about 2 years to get myself round to doing that, so that's pretty cool.

You should go and do something you've always wanted to do aswell! Better late than never.

I really like these vines this week. I've seen the lady in the apple store throwing a paddy before, but it still makes me laugh. And how can you not love a piglet prancing?!

I've chosen The Courteeners - Lose Control to show you guys this week, I've loved this song for a while and it's a pleasure sharing it with ya'll.

Have a brilliant week my pretties and see ya'll soon,


  1. Love that quote and the piglet prancing is incredibly cute :)

    1. it's such a brilliant and real quote, the piglet is so cute I could cry! hahaha aw xxx