Pick Me Up - 8

Hello boys and girls. Although I think it's mainly girls.

HAPPY HAPPY HUMP DAY. (I wrote this yesterday whoops). You've made it half way through a rainy stormy week, good on you pretty human.


My quote of the week actually has helped me recently. I normally despise those annoying inspirational quotes, but I find this one to be different.

Admittedly my depression has been worse, yet has been improving, all at the same time.
Although my medication is working, I am happier, but I have been creating barriers with myself constantly this past summer and few months.
This has actually affected my blogging, school life, social life and just about everything. People forget that with depression, you do actually become demotivated at 99% of everything.
That 1% is for eating, I comfort eat whoops.
Anyway, my point is that I create barriers in my head and that stops me doing anything beneficial for myself.
After a dozen or so motivational late night talks over these few weeks with my boyfriend, I think I maybe finally back on track. I want to get myself out there, do outfit posts and NOT be disgusted by my body's shape and size.
I've had 400 views from such beautiful people in the last month on my blog and considering that I've only been running it since June, I think I ought to be nice to myself on the blogging front instead of listening to that voice telling me I'm doomed to fail.

This is why that quote helps me, it reminds me that I've had worse days and I actually did get through them.


I've chosen a cat giving an inspirational speech on Ebola this week as my lil funny vid spot. I am hating the Ebola jokes but I'm making an exception for this one. It still makes me laugh every time, enjoy.


Lastly, I am really loving Royal Blood. They remind of a rock version of Two Door Cinema Club as all the songs on their new album have the ability to blur into one and you still love each one regardless.
Their album is a work of art with a White Stripes vibe to it. It is truly worth a listen, plus makes you feel bad ass as hell.

Out Of The Black - RB
Figure It Out - RB

Little Monster - RB

Have a fantastic week pretties and the best of health to all,


  1. I love that comment. I like to send it to people who are having a really rough day. And if I'm having a rough day to remind myself of it. X

    1. Thank you Sian! I really take comfort in it and I'm glad you do too, I think it's a very real and relatable quote and soooo motivating!xxx