Pick Me Up - 11 (Halloween's Eve HELL YEAH)

Hello my awfully beautiful human,

I hope you're doing dandy on this fine Halloween's Eve!

Yes I'm writing in Orange because it's a Halloween-y colour, right?

What are everyone's plans for Halloween? A movie night? Spooky Pamper night? Or living it up @ d clubz? I'd love to know! I did have some Halloween posts, but there's a reason why they're not up, I apologise that I couldn't grace you with my valuable Halloween thoughts, just yet.

This week I'm really loving this quote by Liberal Arts and have been trying to apply it to everything I say and think!

I really like this as I feel that a lot of people my age especially only seem to talk about things they hate? Especially on social media. Being passionate about what you love is beautiful, don't stop talking about the things you're passionate about.

My favourite vines this week being:

And a tribute to Halloween..

My favourite song this week is a song written by Imagine Dragons for The Hunger Games, and it's quite brilliant. It reminds me of Reading Festival '14. Check it out my friends:

Thank you for popping by this week, what are your thoughts on these marvellous things?

All my love and stay safe,

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