DIY: Travelling the world, without leaving bed

I don't know about you, but I constantly long to experience culture. To be in another country, to be eating their food, to be living their lives.
Travel and adventure are what life is mainly about to me, apart from food obviously. I also like food.

I spend hours planning holidays on my phone whilst in bed or on a bad day. I find a great escape in planning an escape, how ironic.

But of course, I rarely go through with these plans.

Apparently I have these things called responsibilities and commitments. (I'm yet to find out what these really are as I'm technically still in education and spend 70% of my life in bed, but y'know apparently they're important.)

I also have no job, and as much as my parents love me, I think if I ran off to Rome or Sydney or Hong Kong on my own, I think my parents would disown me for a short time. Also, would I even survive on my own?!?!

So these desperate times, for a travelholic like myself have made me come across solutions. Or at least something that meets half way. If you've caught the travelbug (no not the runs), then read on.

1. Instagram.

I have an on and off hate with hashtags, love their purpose, hate how they're use. 
But I've realised that when you're lusting for adventure, but you can't move from bed, they're a savour. 
I'm forever searching the hashtag #centralpark or #sentosabeach or even #disneyworld and reliving memories. You're transported there in an instant, it's like travel porn. 

Another thing I constantly do on Instagram, and some may have notice, is tagging the place the photo was taken. I do this for myself, so that on my bad days I can stalk my Instagram locations and see what other people are up to there recently! Like how amazing is that, I really recommend it on any future adventures. I've been stalking my Paris locations too much this week. 

2. Order books or leaflets.

I own an awful lot of Lonely Planet guides to many a city and many a country. They are my Mecca. I love to explore and educate myself on places and there is no better way to start than simply reading a book (with lots of pretty pictures too). 
I spend a lot of time on the internet,  but it's nice to zone out into book, imagining these places and the beauty of them.

Of course the amount of books I want and have aren't cheap (you could probably pay for a week away with all the books I have) so I do take advantage of free leaflets or brochures online, such as brochure or These can be sent in the post or easily printed off, or if you're able to pick up ones from the travel agent, even better. 

3. Youtube.

I don't often use youtube however for those who find reading a task, youtube is perfect for a detailed and exciting look into culture. There are thousands of home videos and vlogs from all over the world, the amount to chose from is incredible. My favourite channel being the perfectly named, EscapeHere. This channel posts quick and colourful guides or just information on a variety of locations. The videos make my mouth water, metaphorically speaking. 
Who needs Netflix?

4. Google Maps.

I could spend all day looking at maps. I have a world map in my room, a map of London, a map of England and a map of Paris on it's way. I get enchanted by the possibility of discovering each street and it's secrets.

So it only makes sense to then develop a google map addiction. 


I love simply using the street view mode on google maps, seeing the area in a panoramic view from bed with a cuppa in hand. What a dream.


 my new favourite feature is the map Instagram have, which I'm sure Google does as well. When you pinch the screen with two fingers (on the app) inwards you can get a street view of an area, whist looking at a standard map. The buildings become accurate in height and 3D. You can visit the top of the Statue of Liberty and look at the view for crying out loud, how cool is that. 

 Just chillin'.   


Enjoy your travels my pretties and stay safe! It's nice to be back.


  1. I have a desire to travel too, I wish I was able to get up and go anywhere I wanted in the world but realistically, with everything that's going on, it would probably kill me. I feel lucky that I was able to travel abroad and become an aupair before I got really ill, and it was an amazing experience which of course led to me meeting my boyfriend. I always admire how much you travel despite how crappy it can make you feel! I always go to pinterest when I want to travel but I'm having a bed day, if you can't do it for real doing it through pretty photos is the next best thing!

    It's lovely! I love how bright it is too, just what you need to brighten up a dull autumn day!


    1. Oh Hayley, I really appreciate every comment on my post, seeing you in them always makes me smile! Thank you pretty. That desire to travel is a killer, and it's a shame that with out situations it's 10x harder! I had no idea that you aupair'ed, that is my absolute dream! I so want to do this in America (Once Ebola's calmed down obviously). You have to tell me about your experience with it one day over coffee, wowowowowow.
      Thank you for saying that seriously, I travel/adventure a lot and I think it makes me look healthier than I actually am, giving some an invalid opinion on my current state.
      I never thought of Pinterest, I really must get an account asap. Pretty photos are my weakness!
      A dull day like today ahhaha!
      All my love xxx

  2. Such A fabulous post! I love watching vlogs and browsing Instagram and Pinterest! I long to go to Paris, New York, Greece and so many places!! xxxx

  3. Thank you Chloe! I think I spend too much of my time doing those things whoops hahah, at least we're educating ourselves!
    One day you shall I promise, NY and Paris have been ticked off my list and are insanely amazing. Oh how I long to go to Athens!!! We'll plan a trip hehe xxx