Delicate Autumnal Outfit - Hampton Court Palace Antics (First OOTD)

Hello my friends!

SO this appears to be my first outfit post and boy have I been excited to write this. I had so much fun taking in the beautiful surroundings with my favourite person, and I think these pictures do my evening justice.

Quite late, because I'm apparently 'high maintainance', Saturday (11/10) afternoon we left for a night away near Hampton Court Palace, London. (To later watch an outdoor viewing of Frozen/Go to Thorpe Park).
When we finally arrived, (I feel sorry for him having to put up with my singing for over an hour personally) the sun was setting across the bridge and gosh do I love that place

I've absolutely positively, fallen head over my god darn heels for this outfit. Recently I've been putting a lot of my energy into expressing myself through my style and I take great pleasure in this outfit.
I've switched black for white recently, the crisp and delicate colour makes me feel more alive than black ever did. I simply adore this electric/cobalt blue with the simple yet fantastic floral pattern. Just because it's going into the colder months doesn't mean that you have to start wearing dark colours; I hope I express this through this outfit.

This midi skirt is from > clothesminded <, a brand that if you know me well, you know I'm a fanatic. With their brilliantly unique clothing and insanely low prices, they're a no brainer. This skirt was £3.99, and although I don't think they no longer have it, here are some similar skirts or click here to view their current skirts.                                                             

1. Chicwish Blue Dahlia Printed A-line Midi Skirt. £26.
2.Forever New Brianna midi prom skirt. £54.
3. (A tribute to a fashion genius) Oscar de la Renta Embroidered cotton and linen-blend skirt. £673.
4. Blue Floral High Waist Midi Skirt. £12.
5. Blue Zebra Print High Waist Midi Skirt. £12.
6. River Island Light blue satin box pleat midi skirt. £30.
7. Zeagoo Women's Chiffon Pleated Retro Midi Short Elastic Waist Dress. £4.76 -

Midi skirts should always be a girls best friend, they're not too short neither too long. Yes, I'm one of those people who much rather wear a skirt than jeans.
The detail on this skirt is just stunning, what more can I say apart from that!

Just like the lovely Lauren, I think that every girl needs a pair of black boots that they love so much that they want to wear them every single day; and these are my version of this. With midi skirts I prefer to also wear short ankle boots.

I've got into a habit of only buying shoes with at least a bit of heel, I think this suits my body type more and plus I feel like Beyoncé when walking with my head held high.

These boots were actually purchased from Tesco, of all places, over a year ago, for around £20. I bought them whilst on a food shop and I couldn't resist. Since then I've made constant use of them, they go with everything. I love the contrast of the gold zip, that's probably my favourite feature of these boots. Black and gold, what a winner, it will never date.

If you know me, you will know that these never left my feet last A/W, and I can see the same happening again this year, I'm just not ready to let go of them. They're so comfy and have walked around countless cities, London, Paris..

 Plus I'm incredibly picky with boots, no lie, a lot of boots out at the moment I hate with a passion. Once you find something you love, keep it.

1. Office Concept Mid Heel Ankle Boot. £75. 

2.OASIS Joey Zip Boot. £70.

3. Carvela Shy Suede Backless Cone Heel Ankle Boots, Black. £69.

4.Burberry London Black Leather Failford Ankle Boots. £465. 

5. 3.1 Phillip Lim Black Alexa Moto Zip Leather Ankle Boots. £415.

£22.      Tesco's this A/W boots click >left< >right<    £28

Here are some more pictures of my posing, you're probably sick of them by now. 

Anyway, I really want to talk about how delicate this white blouse is. 
I picked this white blouse up from C&A whilst I was in Paris, alas, they do not have any stores in the UK however I think they ship. Think of them as a mix between Primark and H&M, fabulous I know.

Again, I am very picky with white blouses and shirts, I like them to be flow-y as such,  I believe that this quality makes them SO versatile as they can be put with leggings and a skirt easily. I also love the cuffs of this shirt and the v-neck line, this gives the shirt a personality.

 1. Somerset by Alice Temperley Cotton Tie Neck Blouse, Cream. £69.

2. H&M Silk blouse. £35.

3. Mango Crepe Flowy Blouse, Natural White. £25

Whilst we're looking at this beauty of a shirt, I want to quickly talk about my accessories. My necklace, again is from C&A. [Link above]. Pink is probably one of my least favourite colours when it comes to my style, however I am really enjoy putting subtle dusty pinks in my outfits. Both my sunglasses and necklace have that pretty pop and I think they make the outfit my style. God bless statement necklaces.

You can find my cute lil sunglasses by typing 'flower sunglasses ' (I have clear perspex) into Ebay, they're around £3.99, so are very affordable. Although mine took 3 months to arrive, god darn it China, you had one job.

[left to right] 

Oleander Necklace. £20.

OASIS Statement Crystal Necklace. £14.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post and I hope it has interested you in some way! Please do leave a comment if you have time, as I'd seriously love to know your thoughts or opinions on these kinda posts. 

I'm aware that this is probably more appealing to girls, so apologies males species. I spent an incredibly long time on this post and really enjoyed the experience, so there'll definitely be more to come.
Credit to Sonor Films, [Harry Gadsby] for these pictures. Check them out on YouTube, for a lovely upbeat song and more! 
Pictures taken on a Canon 600D.

Have a fantastic day my pretties and speak soon,


  1. Aww it's a lovely outfit! The skirt is so pretty, love the colour! So nice to see outfit posts from you, I like them, do more!

    1. Thank you so much Hayley, it is honestly one of my favourites. The things I would do for an endless collection of blue midis! awwww I'm so glad you liked it, I really can't wait to write more now!!xxx

  2. I loved this style of outfit post. How you had gone to the effort to research other pieces. Don't see that a lot. And great excuse for my browsing. I can't believe that skirt was only £3.99! And got to love a bit of Tesco clothes, been trying to win vouchers all day. Go in for food leave with clothes, books, make up and shoes.


    1. I'm so glad you did Sian!! It was effort yet so much fun, like you said, an excuse to browse! But admittedly time consuming. It's incredible, the deals on the site are unbelievable. I'm always so pleasantly surprised by tesco's clothes, it's like walking into a trap sometimes! The vouchers are always a must hehe xxx

  3. Gorgeous outfit love the skirt! Just a little bit of advice, would you mind putting your photos bigger? Just, you have some beautiful photos and you need to show them off!

    Hayley xx

    1. Thank you so much sweetpea and I really appreciate your advice! It's so nice receiving it from people a bit more experience. I'd happily make them bigger, I had so many that I didn't want to bore everyone! But yes I definitely will now, showing offs not always a bad thing!

  4. Really enjoyed reading this post, thanks for the mention too;-) x

    1. I'm very glad that you did little lauren! haha anytime, it reminded me of you AW post so I just had to! xxx

  5. Pretty outfit and your hair looks amazing! Post on what you use for your hair please!!!