Back to the Blogging World

And so you're back, from outer space, I just walked in to find you here with that sad look upon your face *red dancing girl emoji*

Admittedly I've been pretty darn crap in the blogging department, but at least I keep my Instagram up to date ha ha ha..

I'm thinking of starting DIYS and bloggers of the month? I really want to put genuine time aside to be able to have catch ups and wee chats with all you beautiful people as well.

I'm defo going to continue Pick Me Ups but they shall vary between Weds/Thurs. 

I also have a few reviews to finish writing. I keep starting them and getting lazy/forgetting, anyone got any tips on avoiding that that doesn't involve motivation?
No? Didn't think so.

I'm going to be starting a youtube channel with my boyfriend soon, so that we can vlog about our antics! Ya'll going to love laughing at my stupidity, I just know it.

Keep smiling my pretties,


  1. So frickin pumped for your YouTube channel poppy!! :D

    1. hahaha thank you so much! my boyfriend is pissed off that people now expect to see him in them... xxx

  2. So excited for your YouTube channel, can't wait until it's up and running!!! X

    1. Thank you Lauren, y'know you'd be fabby at youtube! It should be soon :)xxx